Dear Springtime,

I rescued a dog off the streets in Brownsville last year. He was in horrible shape. He had many issues to deal with. For the last few months, he appeared stiff in his hind quarters when he got up from a nap. This increased over a short period of time. X-rays showed no hip issues, so we assumed it was due to a past injury.

My trainer (for behavioral issues) recommended your product, Joint Health Chewables. I was skeptical, as I had used one other product with no visible results. I purchased your product with a great Buy 2 Get 2 Free special. I tripled dosed him for a week, and then went to double dosing for another two weeks. The difference is amazing. He has NO limp or stiffness at all. My husband was so impressed, he asked me to order the Joint Health Capsules for people for his knees. I did today! I do not write testimonials about products, because I'm never that impressed. This time I just had to write. Thank you for a product that exceeds in every area. Amazing!

Anne Redding, Texas