Natural Supplements for Horses

  • Ahiflower® Oil for Horses
    Ahiflower Oil is the richest, most effective source of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids for optimal physical response.
    $48.00 - $176.00
  • Bee Pollen for Horses
    Flowers are a natural food of horses, and the flower pollen they contain can help sustain a healthy springtime bloom all year long. Live enzymes, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals support breeding, digestion, muscle, hooves, and coat.
    $95.00 - $440.00
  • Breather Powder
    Breather Powder contains tienchi, a rare herb, best known for maintaining healthy blood circulation and oxygenation, capillary wall strength, and respiratory function.
    $49.50 - $240.00
  • Bug Off Garlic for Horses
    Air-dried garlic granules provide a safe, 24-hour shield against flies, ticks, mosquitoes, gnats, and other biting insects. Excellent for horse-fly control!
    $36.00 - $605.00
  • C-Complex for Horses
    A full spectrum of accessory nutrients to support a horse's immune system and overall health.
    $75.00 - $135.00
  • Daily Calm®
    A natural, non-sedating daily supplement that helps horses manage nervousness, stress, and anxiety.
    $57.00 - $284.00
  • DMG 5,600
    Natural DMG (dimethylglycine HCl) for healthy oxygen utilization, which is essential for endurance, stamina, performance, and recovery.
    $39.50 - $119.00
  • Springtime Gamma
    Purified gamma oryzanol in rice bran oil. A nutrient dense, heart-healthy oil supplement that supports healthy, lean muscle and glossy coat.
  • Springtime Glucosamine
    A naturally sweet, single-ingredient supplement for healthy joint maintenance.
    $39.50 - $229.50
  • Hoof & Coat Formula
    A blend of naturally occurring electrolytes, trace minerals, B vitamins, and biotin to replenish & maintain mineral balance, hydration, and healthy hooves.
    $29.50 - $249.50
  • J-Flex Concentrate for Horses
    An economical, single-ingredient supplement to support healthy joints and cartilage and to maintain a normal inflammatory response.
    $49.50 - $399.50
  • Joint Health Formula for Horses
    Powdered formula with chondroitin sulfate, MSM, and glucosamine HCl for healthy joint support, and boswellia for comfort & mobility.
    $90.00 - $499.00
  • Joint Health Wafers
    Powerful joint health supplement with chondroitin sulfate, glucosamine, MSM, and vitamin C, along with real carrot flavor for easy administration.
    $55.00 - $398.00
  • MSM
    MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) maintains healthy joints and supports the healthy inflammation response, such as one might normally experience after rigorous activity or with healthy aging.
    $49.00 - $344.00
  • Performance Paste
    Pre-event paste supports oxygenation, energy, and stamina for "best day" performance for horses.
  • Spirulina Wafers
    Nutritious raw blue-green microalgae to maintain the body's immune, circulatory, and detoxifying systems. Great support for normal, healthy allergy response.
    $30.00 - $250.00