Spirulina Wafers for Horses & Dogs


Spirulina Wafers for Horses & Dogs

A powerful all natural blood builder, detoxifier,
and allergy-relief supplement for horses & dogs.

Nutritious raw blue-green microalgae that can be helpful as a powerful immune stimulant, blood builder, detoxifier, and antihistamine. Also can act as a liver, kidney and nerve tonic. Great for allergy relief.*

Real Letters Spirulina Wafers BilinskyL

"I was told the horse should not have survived the amount of infection associated with his injury..."

Lori Bilinsky, Pennsylvania

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• Effective for seasonal allergies and breathing problems*
• Organic iron and other natural whole food factors are extremely effective as a blood builder & detoxifier*
• Can help solve ulcers caused by lack of grazing*
• Liver & kidney tonic with protective detoxicant and restorative properties*
• Powerful immune stimulant with anti-infective, antiviral, and antibiotic properties*
• Nerve tonic – relieves anxiety and promotes a calm, upbeat demeanor*
• Promotes tissue repair and reduces inflammation*
• Massive quantities of easily assimilated nutrients

Product Summary

Spirulina (spy-ruh-lee-nuh) is a deceptively simple food containing complex and powerful live food enzyme systems and an enormous spectrum of other nutrients. By assisting multiple metabolic functions, it will produce and maintain a brilliant natural bloom. This product will prove to a skeptic that whole live foods provide superior results compared to lab made products. Ideal for performance, breeding, or high stress situations.

Directions: Give at least one wafer (1,750 mg of Spirulina) per 100 lb. body
weight daily (for example: give 10 wafers or more for a 1,000 lb. horse).

For best results: Start out with just a few wafers for the first few days and
increase gradually to full dosage. Dosage may be doubled or tripled for
performance, breeding or high stress situations.

GREAT FOR DOGS: Give dogs ½ wafer to 2 full wafers per 40 lb. body weight daily.
Guaranteed Springtime Analysis
Raw spirulina
1,750 mg/wafer

Spirulina – Science Behind the Food

Spirulina is used in Spirulina Wafers for Horses, Longevity for Dogs, and Spirulina Tablets for People.

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Spirulina Wafer Supplemental Facts and Information

Per 10 Wafers (1,750 mg each)
Protein 10.6 g
Vitamin A (100% Beta Carotene) 58,625 IU
Vitamin K 439.7 mcg
Vitamin B12 52.8 mcg
Calcium 58.6 mg
Iron 41.0 mg
Magnesium 87.9 mg
Manganese 2.4 mg
Chromium 293.1 mcg
Sodium 205.2 mg
Potassium 351.8 mg
C-Phycocyanin 1.3 mg
Chlorophyll a 175.9 mg
SOD (Antioxidant) 14,656 units
Total Carotenoids 82.1 mg
Zeaxanthin 44 mg
Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA) 187.6 mg
Raw Spirulina 17.5 g

Real Letters

Read More

Real Letters Spirulina Wafers Malinauskas C
Beth, Carol, and owner Belinda show off Harley.

"...nothing short of a miracle."

Dear Springtime,

In the early fall of 2006, One of our senior horses at the barn, Harley, was diagnosed with a very aggressive mouth cancer, very rare and very deadly. ...After medical treatments failed, the horse was basically sent home to the barn to die. It was a nightmare.

When I came to this barn in 2005, my horse Snickers was taking Spirulina Wafers for his allergy problems and for his general health. I convinced Harley's owner and the other owner of a senior horse that it was wise to give their horses a product that would boost the immune system. My horses, Snickers, used to have summer itch so bad that one time he had no hair from between his front legs underneath to his tail. I was impressed at this immune response while using Spirulina Wafers and suggested to Harley's owners to keep giving it to Harley and to not give up on the body's natural tendency to heal...

Our vet at Dominion Equine, Dr. John, called Harley's remission nothing short of a miracle and I agree… Harley is a happy horse; he has survived an original "months" prognosis, and is happy grazing in his pasture. Snickers is peaceful in the summer months, no more itch. Both Snickers and Harley are living testimony and tributes to this wonderful product. We are forever grateful for Harley, now 27, and Snickers, now 23, thank you very much.

Carol Malinauskas, Virginia

Real Stories
After: Apollo defied the odds and is doing great! Real Stories
Before: Not much hope for Apollo.

"I was told the horse should not have survived the amount of infection associated with his injury..."

Dear Springtime,

My biggest story to you is a rescue horse that we acquired on 7/29/05. Apollo is a 14 year old Thoroughbred that had stepped on a nail while out in a pasture. Days went by before anyone noticed that his right hind leg was swollen all the way up to twice its size. The owner was no longer able to financially care for the horse, so the nail was removed and the horse was cared for the best the farm could without any veterinary care. When I saw Apollo for the first time he was so skinny and his leg was double in size with a large, open wound above his right hoof. A week or so went by and it got back to us that Apollo was going to be put down. I contacted the owner and asked her if she would consider giving me the horse. She agreed and Apollo came home. We immediately gave him medication for the swelling.

A farrier that specializes in lameness heard about our horse and said that if we got x-rays done that he would take a look at them for us. On 8/12/05 I started Apollo on Spirulina Wafers along with the medication. By 8/22/05 he was up to 10 wafers per day. That is the day I got the results from the farrier. The nail had gone through the flexor tendon and shattered his navicular bone. I was told that the horse should not have survived the amount of infection associated with this injury and he certainly should not be walking. He also had laminitis in his left hind foot due to weight bearing on that leg. Both the farrier and the vets did not give me much hope for his recovery, but Apollo will tell you otherwise. His walking is almost normal on that leg. He has even trotted a few times on his good days. He has been putting weight on, and his coat and eyes look so healthy. We started him on C-Complex on 9/09/05 along with the Spirulina Wafers. We have had some minor setbacks and he still needs to be kept on medication to keep the swelling down, but, otherwise, he is doing great. I keep telling the professionals that Apollo is going to be one for their medical journals! I feel your products have a great deal to do with his recovery, along with his big heart!

Lori Bilinsky, Pennsylvania

Real Stories
Denise and Trudy. Real Stories
Blue ribbon time!

"...hive free all summer."

Dear Springtime,

This is Trudy. She is my pride and joy and she is a Spirulina Wafers girl! I just wanted to let you know that I turned a few of my friends onto the Spirulina Wafers for horses. One of my friends' horses had chronic hives, but they started disappearing and the horse was hive free all summer.

Thanks for the great products!
Denise McCabe, New Hampshire

Real Letters Spirulina Wafers 2013 Wetteman Mary Ellen
QT with his new girl, Jaci.

"...never got even one hive..."

Dear Springtime,

I have had this fabulous horse named QT at my barn for about three years. Each year his owner has to have a vet visit in the fall for QT's hives and other symptoms. It is a costly, yearly expense. This year she finally let me try Spirulina Wafers on him. We started QT on the Spirulina Wafers about 1 ½ months before he is usually stricken. This horse never got even one hive and made it through his bad season beautifully.

I am looking forward to trying Spirulina Wafers on my new gelding in late spring for issues he had with flies and swelling last summer. We love your Bug Off Garlic as well because it keeps the fly and tick population down!

A VERY satisfied customer,
Mary Ellen Wettemann, Connecticut

Real Letters 2007 Spirulina Wafers Rowe E
Erica's best friend, Phoebe, is now able to once again enjoy the outdoors!

"...I don't have to see my horse itch and cough from allergy pain."

Dear Springtime,

Me and my horse, Phoebe, would like to compliment your new product, Spirulina Wafers. Phoebe has a very high allergic sensitivity to bugs. Since taking your product, Phoebe not only tolerates bugs, she can stand still to take wonderful pictures now. Her immune system is healing (and no more coughing as well). This product saved my horse! I had to give her over 400 mg of Benedryl to make her feel more comfortable, but now I have not used it at all since your wafers. Phoebe can finally eat grass without having to gear her up with every fly net possible. The tears from my eyes are gone now that I don't have to see my horse itch and cough from allergy pain. I feel that now my horse is truly a happy horse and is comfortable in her own skin.

Thank you, Springtime!
Erica Rowe, Connecticut

Real Stories Real Stories

No More Welts, Sweet Itch

Dear Springtime,

We have a lovely Rocky Mountain/Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse mare, Rebel Ridge Molly Mercer, who is extremely allergic to bug bites. We have tried everything (all kinds of bug sprays and applications, and home remedies). Nothing really worked. She had sweet itch all summer long and her coat was a mass of bumps from all the bites. She was also extremely irritable. However, we now have the sweetest, bug-free mare you would ever want, thanks to Spirulina Wafers and Bug Off Garlic. I'm enclosing a picture of the mare with our two year old stud as a baby. SCF Pride's Brio had such potential but was even more allergic than his mother and every bug bite resulted in big welts, which did not go down. We wanted to show the colt in conformation classes but were concerned about the big welts over his body. …In any event, since the products worked so well for his mother, we started him on them going into his second year. What a difference! Not only does he not get new bumps but also the old, existing ones have all disappeared. In fact, our veterinarians, Logan County Animal Clinic in Russellville, KY, are amazed at what these products have done… It's been a real success story for our two year old, SFC Pride's Brio, who won 1st place in the 2-4 year old conformation at the Stones River championship this year.

Thank you again,
Kathy Veatch, Tennessee

Real Letters Spirulina Wafers for Horses 2011 BourgaultK
Kathryn gives Joshua an apple treat.

Spirulina Wafers - Help for Heaves

Dear Springtime,

I have been a long time customer, specifically using Spirulina Wafers for my Arabian, Joshua. While placing my latest order, I was singing the praises of this product and the impact it's made on the quality of Josh's life. I met Joshua ten years ago while volunteering for a handicapped riding therapy program. I was paired with Josh to be his handler and quickly learned how special he was. The program folded after a couple of years and Joshua had developed a very serious case of heaves. He became homeless, as well as seriously ill. I believed he deserved a quality life, however much longer that would be, and so he became mine.

Well, that was ten years ago! RLA Joshua is now 31 years old and looks better than ever! Because of the brand on his neck under his mane, I have been able to research his entire history, and what a story it is! I'm determined to write it all down someday. Anyway, I quickly learned when he came under my care that he was allergic to many things. Along with a serious case of heaves, Joshua had skin issues. Every time I would try to administer a product to treat his various conditions, he would have an allergic reaction, itchy skin and hair loss.

I read about Spirulina in Horse Journal, talked to a vet knowledgeable about herbs and decided I needed to give this product a try to build his immune system. Joshua has been on Spirulina daily for about eight years along with a high quality senior feed (he can no longer eat hay), soaked alfalfa cubes and just plain good horse keeping. I closely monitor his breathing and he does require medication occasionally because of the severe scarring in his lungs, but I know Spirulina Wafersmakes his condition manageable and we do not have any skin issues. If you could see him streak across the pasture when turned out, you would not believe he was 31.

Thank you,
Kathryn Bourgault, Michigan

Real Letters Spirulina Wafers Davis S
Glossy-coated Max in fine photo form.

"...look how their healthy coats shine through!"

Dear Springtime,

I've enclosed a couple of magazines for you of The Northern Horse™. The horses on the cover are mine; Max, an 11 year old Quarter Horse gelding, and Dandy, a two year old Morgan filly. That shine on their coats is due to Springtime's Bug Off Garlic and Spirulina Wafers, not pasture turn-out. (We have to rotate our horses so generally each one gets about three hours a week of turn-out time.) These two had just finished running and had a good roll in a favorite dirt spot, and look how their healthy coats shine through!

Sandy Davis, Alaska

Real Stories
Black Jack and his Shane. Real Stories
Freckles and her Rachel.

"...his cough is nonexistent thanks to Spirulina Wafers."

Dear Springtime,

Thank you so much for your kindness and your wonderful products. I've enclosed pictures of my daughter Shane with her 20-something retired ranch Quarterhorse, Black Jack, and my younger daughter Rachel with her 30-ish Arabian mare, Freckles.

Both horses were in sad shape when we were able to give them homes (and devoted cowgirls!). Black Jack has fewer lameness episodes, he's absolutely beautiful, and his cough is nonexistent thanks to Spirulina Wafers. Before we used your Joint Health Formula, he had days when he was so uncomfortable that he would be aggressive. Now we have periods when he can enjoy short, flat rides, and is positively snuggly!

Freckles, however, is like a young mare. The Joint Health Formula has made such a difference in her. When Freckles first came to us there were mornings when she didn't want to get to her feet and she had horrendous hock sores. Now she bucks, gallops, and takes wonderful care of her girl. We've used the Bug Off Garlic for two fly seasons now and find that it works very well for all three of our horses.

We recommend your products wholeheartedly!

Christy Burgess, California

Real Letters 2007 Spirulina Wafers Dietrich L
Liz & Gerry Dietrich, Dee-Dee their dog, and Playboy and Blaze.

"...infection is completely cleared up..."

Dear Springtime,

One of my horses has COPD and the other one has had a reoccurring bacterial infection on his girth line that nothing came close to clearing up. When my new Springtime catalog came and I read about the Spirulina Wafers, I knew I had to try it. Within two weeks, Blaze's breathing was much, much better, and Playboy's infection was going away. Now, over a month later, Playboy's infection is completely cleared up and Blaze's breathing in 100% better.

I was so impressed that I started the three dogs on Longevity – one of them is older and has joint problems. It wasn't two weeks that they had been on Longevity that they were visibly more active, especially the older one. Dee-Dee is acting like a puppy, and more active than she was when we rescued her five years ago (she was a rescue dog).

I then thought if this product could help these animals like this, I better get myself on it right away. After one and a half weeks on Spirulina Tablets, the pain in my right knee felt so much better. I increased the dosage to ten a day and I no longer have to get cortisone shots in my knee. The pain is virtually gone, plus my eyesight has gotten much better, which I didn't expect. What a surprise to be able to read the clock without my glasses plus the light flashes in my left eye have completely gone away. I am blown away by the way I feel and am telling everyone about this product. Thank you so very much for making our lives so much better.

Liz Dietrich, Florida