Spirulina Wafers


Spirulina Wafers

A raw blue-green microalgae to help maintain the body's immune, circulatory, and detoxifying systems. Spirulina for horses offers great support for normal, healthy allergy response.

Supports a healthy immune system, normal detoxification process and enhances support for a healthy allergy response.

Real Letters SWH Offner Naomi

"…much relieved"

Naomi Offner, Washington

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  • Product Highlights
  • Directions
  • Ingredients
• Effective for seasonal support
• Supports healthy liver & kidney in their detoxifying & restorative functions
• Helps maintain proper immune system function
• Helps support the body's natural healing process

Spirulina Product Summary

Spirulina for horses is a deceptively simple ingredient containing complex and powerful live enzymes and a wide spectrum of other factors. By assisting multiple metabolic functions, his natural horse supplement helps maintain a brilliant natural bloom. Live enzymes provide superior results compared to lab-made products. Spirulina is deal for performance, breeding, or high-stress situations.

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For use in horses only.
Spirulina for horses is recommended for supporting healthy immune system function and may help with seasonal allergies.

Directions for Use:

Daily Maintenance: Give at least one spirulina wafer per 100 lb body weight (example: give 10 wafers per 1,000 lb horse).

Recommended: For best results, start out with just a few spirulina wafers for the first few days and increase gradually to full dosage. Dose may be doubled or tripled for performance, breeding, or high stress situations.

For animal use only. Keep out of reach of children and animals. In case of accidental overdose, contact a health professional immediately.
Active ingredients per wafer (2.45 g):
Spirulina (Arthrospira platensis) 1,750 mg

Real Letters

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Real Stories
Ace’s Transformation: Before. Real Stories
Ace’s Transformation: After.

Spirulina Wafers has helped Ace manage a healthy weight.

Dear Springtime,

#TransformationTuesday! Ace has come a long way now that we have learned to manage his health challenges. The skinny photo is when he was at his worst weight-wise in June 2016. The great photo was taken on Sunday (April 2017).

Thank you to all the many knowledgeable friends, veterinarians and supplement companies for helping out Ace, including Springtime for affordable Spirulina Wafers.

Also, a huge thanks to Kyle Bray for allowing our funds to be spent saving horses and cats because he loves them just as much as I do.

Jennifer Bray, Colorado

Real Letters Spirulina Wafers 2015 Bohler Jackie
Midge Allergy Solved!

No Hair Loss from Midge Allergy!

Dear Springtime,

I am reordering Spirulina Wafers for my horse to help maintain her allergies. She had lots more hair on her after being on it all summer. Usually she is missing large areas of hair. The real surprise has been the barn cats. They will stop eating kibble to beg for a piece of spirulina wafer. :)

Jackie Bohler, Georgia

Real Stories
Before Spirulina Wafers Real Stories
Clint now has a glossy coat

No More Hives!

Dear Springtime,

I have a 15 year old Quarter Horse named Clint that was eaten up with hives, and had been experiencing trouble managing his skin health. A year after trying everything and then turning to Spirulina Wafers, the vet was impressed with Clint's gorgeous coat, and the fact that he was so happy and healthy.

Teri Mascola, California

Real Letters SWH Offner Naomi
A big relief for Kit Kat & Naomi!

"…much relieved"

Dear Springtime,

My 28 year-old registered Paint mare, Kit Kat, has had horrible allergies to the midges and gnats here, and scratches all the time. I am very happy with the Spirulina Wafers, as Kit Kat is much relieved, and her skin is not soft and silky. I am placing a second order today – thanks again!

Naomi Offner, Washington

Real Stories
Travis looking good for 23! Real Stories
Lauren and her Morgan pony.

"…decrease in coughing within a month."

Dear Springtime,

I just wanted to tell you that we have a 23 year old Quarter Horse gelding named Travis. I read about Spirulina Wafers in the Horse Journal and decided to try them to support his respiratory health. We noticed it supported his normal respiratory function within a month. It has been six months on the wafers and he hardly ever has any problems. I also have a 22 year old Morgan pony and a 16 year old Thoroughbred. I put them on the Spirulina Wafers also. I am very happy with the results.

I have attached a photo of my daughter, Lauren Walker, with her Morgan pony. This pony started coughing in the summer of 2009. After trying many things, I decided she was going on the Spirulina Wafers too. So far she is maintaining healthy breathing, and she has been on the Spirulina Wafers for three months.

Rhonda Walker, Pennsylvania