Bug Off Garlic Granules for Dogs


Bug Off Garlic Granules for Dogs

Celebrating more than 22 years of natural bug protection!

Springtime Bug Off Garlic Granules for Dogs is a safe, natural, flea and tick deterrent. Air-dried garlic granules provide a 24-hour shield against fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, gnats, flies, and other biting insects.

Real Letters BOGD 2018 Weeks Tinetha

Not One Flea or Tick!

Tinetha Weeks, Michigan

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• A 24-hour shield against fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, gnats, etc.
• A safe alternative to harsh chemical products
• One of the world's most powerful antioxidants
• Promotes friendly bacteria in the digestive tract
• Great source of dietary sulfur, including MSM
• Supports a healthy immune system
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Product Summary

Veterinarians versed in natural alternatives use garlic in their private practices throughout the world. Although best known for its health protective properties, garlic has been used as an insect deterrent for centuries. Springtime's air-dried garlic takes that benefit to a new level and is far safer than many chemical products. You may use Bug Off for Dogs with total confidence.

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For use in dogs only.

Bug Off for dogs is recommended to help deter biting insects, such as fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, and gnats.

Directions for Use:

Daily Maintenance:
Good: One scoop ( 3 grams) per 60 lb body weight daily.
Better: Two scoops per 60 lb
Best: Three scoops per 60 lb

Best Dose is recommended for areas of high infestation.

Recommended: Please start out with just a sprinkle of Bug Off for the first days and increase gradually to the best amount for your dog's weight. It may take 2-4 weeks to maximize protection. Year-round use of Bug Off for dogs is recommended, as is increasing the dosage in the spring and fall when insects tend to surge.

Not for human consumption. Keep out of the reach of children and animals. In case of accidental overdose, contact a health professional immediately.

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Active Ingredients per scoop (3 g):
Garlic (Allium sativum) 3,000 mg

Highly Recommended Reading


The Healthy Pet Manual – A Guide to the Prevention and Treatment of Cancer by Deborah Straw


In her book, Straw mentions 5 Reasons Why Garlic for Dogs is Recommended:


  • Garlic has been given to both humans and animals medicinally for more than 4,000 years.
  • A study conducted by the National Cancer Institute found garlic to be an effective inhibitor in the growth of cancer cells.
  • Garlic can help rebuild the immune system and is a good remedy for the prevention of fleas.
  • Selenium, a component of garlic, acts as an antioxidant and activates enzymes which may protect against cancer.
  • Veterinary surgeon Buster Loyd-Jones achieved "spectacular" results by giving garlic to dogs.


For more information or to purchase a copy of the book please visit www.innertraditions.com.

The Healthy Pet Manual

Garlic and Long-Term Health

What You Can Do to Keep Your Pet Healthy

  • Give your pet a balanced natural diet.
  • Take control of home & lawn chemicals your pet may be exposed to.
  • Lower your stress – it will help lower your pet's stress, too.
  • Spend more time with your pet, they need our love and care.
  • Give Bug Off Garlic and/or Longevity daily to detoxify & protect your pet.


Garlic Internet Sources

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Information of Interest

"Natural Flea Control"


"Farnum's Bio-Spot® Flea & Tick Almost Killed Our Dog"


"Seizure Disorders"


"Poisons on Pets – Health Hazards from Flea and Tick Products"


"Chemical Flea and Tick Product Warning per Environmental Protection Agency and the American Veterinary Medical Association"

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"What You May Not Know About Flea Products"


"Illnesses Associated with Occupational Use of Flea-Control Products – California, Texas, and Washington, 1989-1997"


"Poison in the Grass: The Hazards and Consequences of Lawn Pesticides"


"Your Garage Can Be a Dangerous Place!"

Garlic - Officially Safe


All animal feed products in the United States are regulated by a national organization called the Association of American Feed Control Officials, Inc. (AAFCO). AAFCO, composed of each state's agricultural department officials, is responsible for monitoring safety issues regarding feeds and supplements. AAFCO prohibits substances that may harm and lists approved ingredients with a proven safety history. Such items are called GRAS (generally recognized as safe), and are listed in AAFCO's Official Publication. Garlic is one of the many natural foods and herbs which have earned the GRAS status by having a clean and clear history of use. AAFCO gathers information from many sources (for example, professional toxicologists from all over the United States) and they really know what they are talking about!


So there we have it. Garlic, one of the world's most popular health foods, is backed by thousands of years of history and recognized by leading veterinary, regulatory, medical, and scientific organizations.


Internet Resources


"...garlic supplements may be able to fight off the ticks and hopefully decrease the risk of Lyme disease.."

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"...our results suggest that garlic may be considered as a tick repellent for individuals and populations at high risk for tick bite, rather than other agents that might have more adverse effects."

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A Natural Mosquito Repellent – Garlic for Mosquito Control Why Does Garlic Repel Mosquitoes?


"It's not clear why garlic should be an effective mosquito repellent. It would seem that the powerful compounds such as allicin which garlic releases are inimical to mosquitoes. They have therefore evolved to avoid garlic. Another possibility is that the strong smell of garlic overwhelms the mosquito's sense of smell and prevents them from finding the prey (us!)...Whatever the mechanism, garlic's ability to repel a variety of pests has been proven scientifically."

Mendham, Trevor. "A Natural Mosquito Repellent: Garlic for Mosquito Control."
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Springtime's Bug Off Garlic

is a special grade of garlic that has been low temperature dried (air-dried), and carefully stored and handled to retain the highest level of bug repellent potency. It produces a garlic odor more powerful than any other variety we have found. Parasitic insects have a sense of smell that can be up to 10,000 times more sensitive than a human's. Garlic's unique, pungent odor acts as one of its several defenses against insects and other pests. Yet, the garlic odor itself is mostly noticeable to humans only at feeding time.


In recent years, there have been several crop spray products made from garlic that prove garlic's ability to repel insects. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) considers these products so safe that a special "fast track" registration is allowed for them because of their low risk status.


Veterinarians versed in natural alternatives use garlic in their private practices throughout the world. While best known for its health protective properties, garlic has been used for centuries as an insect repellent. Springtime's air-dried garlic takes that benefit to a new level and is far safer than many chemical products. You may use this natural dog supplement with total confidence. Year round, long-term use is absolutely safe and highly recommended!

Real Letters

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Real Letters Bug Off Garlic granules for Dogs 2012 Stokes S
Sandy & Chris with a few of their gorgeous, attentive, bug-free Labradors.

No Problems With "... Fleas, Ticks, or Mosquitoes."

Dear Springtime,

As the breeder of Labrador Retrievers I look for the best in health and nutrition for my dogs. I prefer to raise my Labradors as naturally as possible and avoid topical applications and oral medications for pest control. Bug Off Garlic granules is a wonderful product. Since adding Bug Off Garlic to my Labradors' diet, I do not have problems with fleas, ticks, or mosquitoes. Thank you, Springtime!

Sandy Stokes, West Virginia
Red Barn Ranch and Labradors, LLC.
Breeding & Training

Real Letters Bug Off Garlic Granules Calhoun N
Otis and Forrest with no worries about ticks.

"Bug Off Garlic for ticks – works better than spot on"

Dear Springtime,

I ordered Bug Off Garlic Granules for my dogs, Otis and Forrest, for the first time. I have had a terrible tick problem in the past with my dogs even though they received the 1x a month drops on their coat as recommended by my vet. The drops did not seem to offer any repellent properties because I was daily removing multiple ticks from my pets. I have been amazed that your Bug Off Garlic Granules has been the answer. If your product can deter Eastern North Carolina ticks, I believe it can work anywhere. Thanks for a great product.

Nancy Calhoun, North Carolina

Real Letters BOGD 2018 Weeks Tinetha
Bo, Duke and Max are tick and flea free!

Not One Flea or Tick!

Dear Springtime,

I've used Bug Off Garlic Granules for almost 10 years. Currently where we live, our neighbor on one side has 2 dogs and 9 cats, all flea infested. The neighbor on the other side has picked 2 ticks off her dogs, and I'm happy to say that we have not had one flea or tick on any of ours.

Our dogs are happy, healthy, and itch free thanks to Bug Off Garlic Granules. I've attached a photo of our dogs (L to R) Bo Cephus, Duke, and Max. Bo has been taking Bug Off Garlic Granules for 10 years!

Thank you!!

Tinetha Weeks, Michigan

Real Letters BOGD 2018 Miller Shiela
Shiela and her Australian Shepherd rescue, Riz.

"Ticks and fleas are in my yard, but not on my animals."

Dear Springtime,

I love Springtime's Bug Off Garlic Granules. I live in rural Oklahoma where ticks are plentiful, as well as fleas, flies, mosquitoes, etc. I have Lyme Disease, so it's extremely important to me to protect my fur family.

I worked at a vet for 10 years and used the commercial products with not much control of the pests. I even lost two of my precious pets to issues that came up where the drops were applied to the back of the neck. I said, no more. I now use your Bug Off Garlic Granules for my horses and dogs. It works!

I wish I had found your company and great products earlier, but I am thankful to have them now. I actually have another order on the way now. Ticks and fleas are in my yard, but not on my animals. Flies and mosquitoes keep their distance as well. Thank you, God Bless, and please keep up the good work!

Shiela Miller, Oklahoma