Hoof & Coat Formula for Horses


Hoof & Coat Formula for Horses

Naturally occurring electrolytes, trace minerals, B vitamins and biotin for mineral replenishment, optimal hydration, sound healthy hooves, and a brilliant coat.

A blend of naturally occurring electrolytes, trace minerals, B vitamins, and biotin to replenish and maintain mineral balance, hydration, sound healthy hooves, and a brilliant coat.

Real Letters HCFH Stephenson Gayle

"…he recovered at a rapid pace…"

Gayle Stephenson, Florida

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• Farrier recommended
• Supports strong, healthy, functional hooves
• Electrolytes help maintain proper hydration in hot or cold weather
• Excellent fluid balance, especially important for equine athletes
• B vitamins and yeast culture provide healthy digestive system support
• Provides essential nutrients for healthy nerve and muscle function
• Fortified with biotin - one scoop gives you 14 mg

Product Summary

Springtime Hoof & Coat Formula is a whole food formula made from natural, unrefined ingredients, rich in wide-spectrum trace minerals and electrolytes. The electrolyte balance in a natural horse supplement is essential for sustaining life, as it powers such electrochemical processes as nutrient absorption, proper hydration, healthy muscle contraction, and digestion. Added biotin makes Springtime Hoof & Coat Formula hoof supplement for horses specific for maintaining sound, healthy hooves and a brilliant coat. It's a brilliant equine coat supplement and horse hoof supplement in one!

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Feeding Directions: Feed one scoop (≈ 1½ oz) per 1,000 lb of body weight daily.

Recommended: Give a double dose following hot weather, racing, or the
administration of furosemide. Not recommended during pregnancy.

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30 lb 320 55¢ $177.00
60 lb 640 46¢ $295.25
*approx. number of scoops - density may vary.
Guaranteed Analysis
Kelp 136,080 mg/lb
Sea salt 136,080 mg/lb
Active dry yeast 136,080 mg/lb
Diatomaceous earth 37,879 mg/lb
Biotin 149 mg/lb

Springtime Hoof & Coat Formula INFORMATION
Sea Kelp – The Miracle Mineralizer
For centuries people all over the world have harvested sea kelp for food. The Chinese, Irish, British, Icelanders, Canadians, Japanese, American Indians, Hawaiians, Koreans, Russians, Eskimos, and South Africans are just a few of the peoples who have traditionally eaten kelp. It has also been commonly used as a soil fertilizer and an animal feed.

Provides Organic Minerals
Without doubt, kelp is one of the most nutrient dense foods that exists. As it grows, sea kelp converts the inorganic minerals in sea water into organic mineral salts, which are combined with amino acids to form naturally chelated minerals. Although the quality of lab-made mineral supplements varies wildly, the minerals in kelp are always fully bound.

Yeast Culture – One of Nature's Best Vitamin Foods
Yeasts are distributed widely on plants (leaves, flowers, fruits), in soil, in and on insects and animals, and in fresh water. Thus, for millions of years, yeasts, one of nature's best vitamin foods, have enriched the natural diet of horses as well as other animals. For the past 40 years or so, as man realized the importance of this food, dried or mostly "spent" brewer's yeast was fed to horses and other domestic animals with good success. Live enzymes in Hoof & Coat Formula active dry yeast (saccharomyces cerevisae) are retained by a special process which stabilizes the yeast without destroying its "live" properties.

Sea Salt – For Natural Electrolytes
The sea salt used in  Hoof & Coat Formula  is obtained by the simple process of concentrating sea water under the sun. It contains all of the ocean's original trace elements. Up to 6% of Hoof & Coat Formula sea salt is composed of naturally occurring potassium, calcium, magnesium, and trace elements. It is of such a high grade that it can be dissolved in water to make true sea water that will support any type of marine life.

Biotin – For supporting Healthy Coat and Hooves
Biotin is a well known nutrient for the support of healthy skin, coat, and hooves.

Springtime Hoof & Coat Formula – Common Sense Nutrition
Hoof & Coat Formula is a whole food formula made from natural, unrefined ingredients that are known to be especially rich in wide spectrum trace minerals. Use in place of ordinary mineral or electrolyte products which lack the wide spectrum nutrition of Hoof & Coat Formula.

Pro Vitamin A 185UI
Thiamine (B1) 2.36 mg
Riboflavin (B2) 1.27 mg
Riboflavin (B2) 12.48 mg
Pyridoxine (B6) 95 mg
Pantothenic Acid 2.36 mg
Folic Acid .29 mg
Biotin 33 mg
Cyanocobalamin (B12) .03 mcg
Vitamin C 138 mg
Vitamin E 90 IU

Calcium 814 mg
Potassium 4,933 mg
Magnesium 400 mg
Phosphorous 1,140 mg
Sodium Chloride 34,333 mg
Iodine 24 mg
Iron 48 mg
Selenium 64 mcg
Sulphur 1,000 mg
Manganese 2.93 mg
Copper .047 mg
Chromium .07 mg
Fluoride 128 mg
Zinc 95 mg

Lysine 1.40%
Methionine .27%
Leucine 1.35%
Phenylalanine .75%
Threonine .86%
Tryptophan .18%
Valine 1.11%
Histidine .52%
Cystine .26%
Alanine 1.35%
Arginine .89%
Aspartic Acid 1.93%
Glutamic Acid 3.15%
Glycine .87%
Proline .79%
Serine .79%
Tyrosine .81%
Isoleucine .86%

Myristic Acid 6.66 mg
Palmitic Acid 112.2 mg
Palmitoleic Acid 534.6 mg
Heptadecanoic Acid 3.33 mg
Oleic Acid 379.6 mg
Linoleic Acid 3.3 mg
Linolenic Acid 3.3 mg
Chloride Molybdate
Magnesium Aluminum
Sodium Vanadium
Sulfur Cobalt
Potassium Selenium
Calcium Rubidum
Bicarbonate Zinc
Bromide Iron
Strontium Silicon
Carbonate Barium
Phosphorus Lead
Fluoride Nickel
Tin Chromium
Manganese Boron
Lithium Copper

Red Star Active Dry Yeast (saccharomyces cerevisiae)


Springtime has used Red Star® brand yeast exclusively for over 25 years.


Springtime chooses to use Active dry yeast (saccharomyces cerevisiae) made by Red Star®, a complete protein and superfood containing 18 amino acids, B-complex vitamins, dietary fiber, as well as many other nutritional components and minerals. Red Star® Yeast, the largest manufacturer of yeast products in North America, has over 50 year of extensive experience in the development and production of yeast.

What It Is


Red Star® active dry yeast is an excellent source of protein, dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals. Red Star® derives its primary grown AD yeast from pure strains of saccharomyces cerevisiae grown on mixtures of cane and beet molasses. Red Star's® special growth medium and unique drying process are the secrets to the exceptional performance and flavor of Red Star® active dry yeast. This process retains live food factors, a unique and valuable quality.


Red Star® active dry yeast is grown specifically for its nutritive value. In addition to protein, dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals, it contains additional functional and beneficial components such as beta-1, 3 glucan, trehalose, mannan and glutathione. Studies have shown that these components have potential health benefits such as improved immune response, reduction of cholesterol, and anti-cancer properties.


Yeast is also known for its B-complex vitamins. The B-complex vitamins are essential to the wellness of body, mind, and spirit.

What It Is Not


Red Star® active dry yeast is not made from byproducts of breweries, distilleries or paper mills. Red Star® active dry yeast is not a genetically modified organism (GMO). Red Star® ADY contains no added sugars or preservatives.



Candida yeast infection (Candida Albicans) is a body yeast infection. Red Star®'s active dry yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) is not found to be a cause of yeast or candida infections.

Brewers yeast is an inexpensive but bitter byproduct of the brewing industry that has a good nutritional profile, but typically not nearly as high as Red Star® Active Dry Yeast which is grown for maximized food nutritional benefits.


Torula yeast (Pichia jadinii), is a by-product of the paper mill waste streams obtained by growing Pichia jadinii on wood sugars.


Dairy yeast, or whey yeast (Kluyveromyce marxianus), is obtained by growing Kluyveromyce marxianus using cheese whey or whey permeate.


Wine Yeast (Saccharomyces fermentati) is used in fermenting grapes into wine.

Real Letters

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Real Letters Hoof&Coat ParkerB
Handsome Barak.

Strong and Healthy Hooves

Dear Springtime,

My black Percheron, Barak, is four years old and in very good health. I have been feeding him Bug Off Garlic for some time with great results. Last time I purchased enough to qualify for a free gift. I selected the Hoof & Coat Formula. He has completed one small jar. When my farrier arrived to trim his hooves he immediately began asking me what I had done to make his feet so strong and healthy. Percherons are bred for strong legs and hooves so I was surprised that one small jar of Hoof & Coat Formula could make such a noticeable difference with very good hooves. I gave my farrier the empty jar and a catalog as he plans to recommend it to his other clients. Thank you Springtime, for improving the quality of life for all four-legged friends.

Bessie Parker, Texas

Real Stories
Before Hoof & Coat Formula, Sunny’s hoof had many bad cracks. Real Stories
After using Hoof & Coat Formula, her hoof shows dramatic healing. Real Stories
Sunny and a few of her favorite friends.

"… I noticed the crack in Sunny's hoof was shrinking!"

Dear Springtime,

My Quarter/Fox Trotter mare, Sunny, foundered about 3 years ago. I have fought with her feet constantly. Last year, the right front cracked, and I had lost my farrier. Her feet went without attention for almost 3 months as I located a farrier who had the expertise I wanted. In the meantime, I came across the Hoof & Coat Formula and began feeding it immediately.

A month later, I noticed the crack in Sunny's hoof was shrinking! Not only was it reconnecting from the top but from the bottom as well! I could hardly wait for the farrier to come again. When he did, he too was amazed at the structural difference in her hoof.

Sunny has now been on the Hoof & Coat Formula for approximately 7 months. At our last farrier appointment, my farrier declared her sound. In fact, he said that if he did not know she had foundered, he would be wondering if she had. Not only do her feet look better, but they are hard which is so great for white hooves (although muddy in the "after" photo, Sunny has white hooves). Hoof & Coat Formula has definitely helped support her healthy hooves. Both myself and my farrier give it full credit for my mare's feet health. Sunny will be on it for life.

Cathy Mall, Missouri

Real Stories
Handsome Sir G! Real Stories
Sir G showing off his beautiful coat.

"…he recovered at a rapid pace…"

Dear Springtime,

My 4 year old off the track Thoroughbred's registered name is 'Great Rezults' but I call him 'Sir G' or just plain 'G'. He was a throw away as he only raced 8 times in his young life and came in 1st just once. But his last two races this year in March and April, he came in 2nd! His ancestors are Man O' War, Native Dancer, and Unbridled is his Great Grandfather…his cousin is American Pharaoh! His knees are a little inflamed and can't handle the races anymore so his owner let him go. So for only $600, I have a beautiful 4 year old Thoroughbred with lots of life left in him and he's enjoying the 'retired' life!

I have been using your Hoof & Coat Formula on Sir G for a little over a week now. He was suffering from rain rot. I had used a product which killed the rain rot, but his hair hadn't grown back in. However, this past week after I started on Hoof & Coat Formula, I noticed his hair has completely filled back in!!! WOW, that was FAST!

And I'm pretty sure his 'delicate' hooves have strengthened as well. He has kept both of his shoes securely on the past 2 and 1/2 weeks (twice he's lost one prematurely). Today I noticed his hooves look really healthy, shiny, and strong and his hind hooves haven't started chipping away like they normally do after a couple of weeks. I can't wait until my farrier comes on October 12th to see how much Sir G's feet have improved!

I moved him from a much too wet environment that was causing him to be very tender footed and making him basically lame. He also obtained an abscess from that place as well. After moving Sir G to his now high and dry beautiful home, it took a month for him to recover. But I just have to say that this past week after starting him on the Hoof & Coat Formula, he recovered at a rapid pace from both the rain rot AND his soft, water damaged hooves.

Thank you, Springtime for a wonderful product!!! I will send you an update to let you know what my farrier thinks. I'm sure he will be very pleased!


Gayle Stephenson, Florida