Springtime's Starter Kits for Dogs

To help you get started or try something new, we've paired together a few of our favorite supplements for dogs. With these special rates, Springtime's Starter Kits are a great way to find the right fit to help keep your pets happy and healthy.

  • Fresh Factors® + Skin & Coat Oil
    Starter Kit
    Customer favorite! Fresh Factors, our best selling chewable for dogs, together with Skin & Coat Oil, provides support for healthy joints, digestion, energy, coat, and more.
  • Joint Health Chewables + Skin & Coat Oil
    Starter Kit
    Choose Joint Health Chewables for superior hip and joint support, plus, Skin & Coat Oil to help maintain skin health and a soft, brilliant, weatherproof coat.
  • Longevity + Skin & Coat Oil
    Starter Kit
    Powerful Pair! Longevity, our most comprehensive supplement for dogs, together with Skin & Coat Oil, will have your dogs looking and feeling their best.
  • Fresh Factors® + Joint Health Chewables + Spirulina Chewables
    Starter Kit
    Powerful trio packs a punch! Our 2 best selling chewables, Fresh Factors and Joint Health Chews, are great for supporting healthy hip and joint function, digestion, skin, energy and more. Add Spirulina Chewables for immune support.

Natural Supplements for Dogs

Supplements for dogs can aid in your pup's natural processes, ranging from digestive health, to skin and coat health, to joint health, and beyond. Available in a range of chewable tablets, tasty powders, treats, and chews, our selection of natural dog supplements is made from only the highest-quality ingredients that undergo rigorous testing for potency, purity, and safety.