Dear Springtime,

I have been using your Fresh Factors for many years with amazing success, and I'm finally going to share my stories with you. About ten years ago, one of our dogs was getting older and was suffering joint pain. The prescription given to us by our vet helped him only a little. After a month of frustration, I began looking for something else, and found Fresh Factors. After only two days, Homer was running up the driveway and chasing the other dogs in the yard just as he did as a youngster. We were stunned. He never again seemed to suffer any pain.

Since then I've used Fresh Factors for all of our dogs as they've aged, and found out something else that again surprised us. Each and every dog, there have been three, has not only aged without joint pain, but has outlived its normal life expectancy as well. One dog, a 65-70 lb female name Summer, shocked the vet four years ago when I took her to him to be put down, her heart had given out. He asked me how old she was, and his mouth dropped when I told him she was 13. He looked in his records and confirmed it. Normally, dogs that are Summers' size live to be eight or nine years old. We now have another older dog, nearly Summers' size, and he is 12. Without his tablets every day, he would be very lame. Instead he, just like Homer did, runs and plays outside with minimal signs of pain.

I tell anyone who will listen about my dogs and my friends' dogs. Anyone who wants their friend to live a long, pain free life should join us in our happy solution to the problems of their old age.

Thank you for Fresh Factors!

Marianne C. Stone, Georgia