Dear Springtime,

I have all my dogs, young and old, on Fresh Factors. I use Fresh Factors to supplement a home prepared, all natural, raw diet that I am now using instead of (supposedly high quality) commercial dog food. Prior to the switch, I had a very itchy Poodle who scratched all night and kept me up, a Yorkie/Pom/Terrier type who vomited bile EVERY day and had cherry eye, and a black Lab who constantly gobbled up inanimate objects, and ended up needing major surgery to remove shrink wrap from her stomach. Since the switch of the diet and addition of Fresh Factors, the Poodle is no longer itchy, the Terrier, Buttonhead, never vomits anymore, has gained weight, looks better, and his cherry eye is about 80% reduced. And the Lab has stopped her bizarre gobbling of objects. I also have the Lab on Joint Health Formula. I absolutely love your products and feel I would never be without them. I think of all the money I have saved on my vet bills since I started Fresh Factors and natural diet. I love your products!

Susan Trapkin, Maryland