Dear Springtime,

Looking at the happy, almost smiling expression on, Noel, my Golden Retriever's face one could hardly imagine that an approaching thunderstorm would turn her into a quaking mass of hysteria. I had tried every advertised product on the market. I was on the verge of having to resort to sedation from the vet, or sending her to a rescue center because of the catastrophic damage she did to the house when I was at work. Then one day I received your catalog. I read about Stress Free Calmplex, including testimonials, and thought I would give one more product a try. It turned out to be the miracle supplement I was hoping it would be. I keep Noel on Stress Free Calmplex daily to make sure there is a constant level in her body, but because it is all natural, when a storm does occur and she feels anxious, I can give her another tablet as a booster. In ten minutes, she is lying down, behaving as if she is thinking, "What thunder?" It even works when fireworks are being deployed in the neighborhood! Your product allowed me to keep this sweet dog whose mission in life is to have as many people as possible, probably even the would-be burglars, pet her twenty four hours a day.

I also have two German Shepherds. One is 10-1/2, the other, 2 years old. They, along with Noel, receive Fresh Factors on a daily basis. My older Shepherd, Greta, was diagnosed with incurable nerve disease two years ago. The nerves do not properly fire into the muscles. One would not be able to detect that anything was wrong when she is running with the two other dogs, and racing my horse along the fence row. Upon a recent vet visit, the younger Shepherd, Dakota, impressed him with her gorgeous coat, strong hips (she weighs 83 pounds), and strength.

I will continue to purchase Springtime's products, and recommend them to friends. I am eternally grateful to your company for allowing me to keep my darling, Noel, extending my aging, extremely protective Greta's athletic ability, and helping to enhance my beautiful Dakota.

Mary Anne Johnson, Ohio