Dear Springtime,

We adopted a Cairn Terrier mix dog named Scooby who had been neglected and/or abused. He was in bad shape and was given two months to live. He had tremors and spasms. His jaw was disintegrating and he couldn't pick up toys or eat very well. He couldn't even pant, so his energy was very low and his tongue was very thin and weak.

We took good care of him and gave him lots of love and medication. He kept on living. After having him for five years, he was having difficulty with his joints and he was not responding well to all of his antibiotics (he was on two of the strongest ever made) which I gave him every other month for one infection after another.

Finally, my daughter read some of your testimonials and I ordered the Longevity for our little Scooby. He hasn't taken an antibiotic now for over a year! His hair grew in fuller, his breath got somewhat better, his ears, sinuses, joints, and allergies have been so much better. He is full of energy and is able to play, run and eat. What a miracle it is to see him. Everyone is blown away and I tell everyone I know about Longevity. All of the vets who have ever met Scooby are so amazed that this little dog keeps going. Now his quality of life is so much better as he continues to hang in there.

Susan Stephan, Illinois