Dear Springtime,

I just wanted to send in a quick thank you for your Longevity product. I adopted Josette, a two year old German Shepherd, in January. She came to me with moderate hip problems in both hips and a mild elbow problem. I found Longevitythrough a lot of research and recommendations and have had her on it for almost as long as we have had Josette. We just went to the vet who told me she was really impressed by this supplement because, based on her x-rays from December, she would have expected her hips to be a lot worse off. Due to the Buy Two Get Two Free deal, I have a lot of Longevitylaying around so I decided to put my other dog, three year old Black Lab named Irie, on it for her horrible coat. I am happy to report both Irie and Josette have the most stunning coats I have ever seen on dogs before. There is minimal shedding and a lot less itching than before they started it. Thanks so much for this wonderful product, you have changed my dogs' lives!

Sarah Bugger, New York