Dear Springtime,

My mare, Azalee, has been my perfect match for the last three years playing Horseball. Azalee, born in 1998, had started last spring (2006) to be increasing discomfort during training and competition. She was diagnosed with joint problems in both hocks, her back and a bad knee at the right leg! She received Adequan injections that helped a lot but it is very expensive. This winter I was looking for garlic powder to feed my horses, since up here in Quebec mosquitoes and flies can be very bad. I found your site and ordered some Bug Off Garlic along with some Joint Health Wafers.

I am overwhelmed by the garlic actions on insects but I did not think I could get such results with the Joint Health Wafers. Her lameness has been maintained and I feel she is not experiencing as much discomfort anymore. She enjoys playing Horseball more than ever and no more bute for her.
Thank you very much,
Marie Nadeau, Canada
*Photo courtesy of Dan Derby