Dear Springtime,

This testimonial is way overdue! I have used Springtime's Longevity for over 10+ years with all my dogs. It is a sensational product that my dogs love and lick clean out of their bowl. My 9-month-old collie puppy, Basil, his 6-year-old brother, Blaine, and11-year-old Luke are all on Longevity.

I am a dog groomer in Wisconsin and I recommend your product to everyone! It is fantastic & it makes my dogs' coats incredible and lush. Most importantly, it gives them the flexibility and stamina throughout their lifetime. My previous collie was 12-and-a-half when he passed away and he also did fabulously on Longevity!

There's nothing better, it's a wonderful product, and thank you so much.


Kristin Taubel Necedah, Wisconsin

Castle Rock Grooming