Dear Springtime,

Two years ago, the vet found a floating chip in the front left foot of my now 24-year-old quarter horse, Deeds. The chip was off of his navicular bone, and was life-threatening. The next set of X-rays showed even more degeneration and the vet recommended euthanasia. She said to keep him comfortable because at this point there is nothing else that could be done for him. I was devastated. I agreed, but as always it is hard to euthanize an animal that still seems so full of life.

I decided to research more about navicular, bone chips, and natural remedies. That is when I came across Springtime and found Ahiflower Oil. And THANKFULLY I did. Although he is sometimes a picky eater, he ate it. I am happy and overwhelmed with joy to say that within ONE week, he was able to maintain normal mobility. The vet, barn owner and other boarders were texting me telling me "I just saw him buck" and "did you know he is trotting now?" They sent me so many videos of him frolicking and even cantering! Unbelievable!

It has been 4 months that my horse has been on it. He is a different horse. This stuff WORKS and I highly recommend it! He can even tote small children around for brief rides (his favorite thing to do). New X-rays show no changes for the worst. With no other options, Ahiflower Oil helped my horse maintain optimal health!

- Kristen Zeman, Maryland

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Ahiflower ®  Oil for Horses

Ahiflower® oil is the richest, most effective source of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids for optimal physical response.

• Ahiflower is clinically proven to be superior to flaxseed oil in improving a horse's overall omega-3 levels.
• Contains long-chain omega-3s to help regulate flexibility, fluidity, and post-exercise stress response in joints, ligaments, heart, brain, and skin cells
• Improves mobility and joint health
• Improves skin health
• Horses are herbivores, and they are not biologically adapted to consuming fish-based oils
• Ahiflower is a fully traceable, sustainable non-GMO plant-based source of omega-3

Product Summary

Horses evolved to get their daily omegas through fresh pasture grazing, not fish sources. Ahiflower oil is a safe, balanced, and superior plant-seed omega 3-6-9 oil backed by clinical trial data in performance horses. Grown entirely from non-GMO crops, Ahiflower oil is fully traceable, pure, and highly palatable. Horse owners seeking a complete omega to improve exercise recovery, joint and ligament health, skin health, and stress responsiveness choose Ahiflower.

Ahiflower® is a registered trademark of Technology Crops, LLC.