Dear Springtime,

9/01/2015 Several years ago I wrote to you about my dog, Sonny, and our positive experience with Longevity (he's the Golden Beagle on your site). He lived to a good strong 15 years and that fatty tumor never grew large again.

Well, this afternoon we noticed a large fatty tumor growing under the front leg of my beautiful boy, Luke, a Collie/Golden mix. Due to its location and hair, I couldn't see it before. He is going to the doctor on Thursday to confirm, but I am fairly certain that it is just a fatty tumor since he just had major bloodwork that came back great.

I'm bummed about it, but I told my husband that I know the first thing I'm going to try – Longevity! I'm going to order it this evening and we'll see if we can shrink this monster like we did for Sonny. I will keep you updated.

9/28/2015 It is benign – a fatty lipoma under the muscle at the front of his chest and armpit. It is packed in there and larger than a baseball. Both the vet and I were shocked that we both had missed it for so long, but it is sort of hidden under his five inch long fur on his chest.

I started him on Longevity, Fresh Factors and a capsule of Turmeric morning and night. We are still ramping up to the full dose of Longevity. And, after only three weeks, even my husband admits the tumor is shrinking. I can get my hand around about 60% of the tumor and I can feel the chest bone now. I am going to stick with this protocol. Ideally, it will go away, but I could be very happy with a 50% reduction.

5/26/16 Just thought I would update you on Luke's progress. We have continued with the Longevity plus Turmeric daily and his fatty tumor is about 30% of its original size. The vet was amazed when she saw him, especially since he put on some weight over the winter months. I wish I could get a photo, but he is so hairy and the tumor is actually under the muscle (which is why it got so big before we found it). We are going to continue his routine. The vet agrees that as long as we control the size, we can avoid the costs and risks of surgery. Longevitywas well worth it for us – again!

I'm attaching a recent photo from one of our walks to the spring by our house. (His favorite place to go)

Alison Aughtman