Dear Springtime,

I don't remember how I first heard of your products; I think I received a catalog in the mail. Anyway, I was looking for something to protect my dog from fleas and ticks without chemicals and something to address his horrendous allergies. I read the entire dog and people section and though I was intrigued, I thought the products were a bit pricey.

The pet owner who spends the money for your products considers his pet a part of the family. That is the way I consider my dog, Poncho, a 5 year old Lhasa Apso I rescued when he was one year old. In addition to the flea/tick issue, he had the worst allergies ever. The previous allergy season, my poor dog was on daily prescription allergy medicine from May to September. That is entirely too long for a dog to take medication! But the poor baby sneezed constantly, his eyes itched and ran incessantly, his breathing was hindered because his little nose was stopped up, his paws itched all the time, and he itched all over almost like a drug addict. He was just miserable without the medication, which is why I gave it to him like clockwork.

In April 2011, right before the allergy season kicked in, I decided to try the Bug Off Garlic Chewables for the fleas and ticks, Fresh Factors for the allergies, and the Joint Health Chewables for his joints. It is now November, and the allergy season has passed. WOW! What a difference. Poncho did not have to have any prescription allergy medication and this season was extremely bad for allergy sufferers. A couple of days he began to itch pretty badly and I gave him some Benedryl, but that is it. No twice daily prescription medication for seven months! Poncho was happy and I was ecstatic! He now takes Fresh Factors daily and will for the rest of his life.

Though he injured his knee four years ago, you cannot tell by his friskiness and the way he jumps on and off the bed. Poncho's hair is medium length and very interesting to fleas and ticks. He had none this year! Hallelujah! No fleas, no ticks, and no allergy issues!

Thanks for amazing products. Poncho and I are two happy campers! A pic of poncho relaxing during the worst allergy season ever is attached.

Von Gordon, New Jersey