Dear Springtime,

Roscoe and Riana are my best friends and companions. Roscoe was rescued from the M.S.P.C.A. in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts when he was six months old. One year after, he needed cruciate surgery. After the long road to his recovery, I started mixing Longevity in his food. Not long after, I noticed how much improved and how much quicker and stronger his leg was. I believe this would not have been possible had I not known about Longevity (which my friend, Chris O'Leary, told me about).

One year later, Roscoe's other cruciate needed surgery. Again, Longevity to the rescue! After the physical therapy, Roscoe and Riana are running and playing (very rough, I might add) and enjoying life again!

Thanks again for helping me to help Roscoe and Riana be the strong, healthy members of my family that they are today.


Jim Collie, Massachusetts