Dear Springtime,

I have 18 dogs here, with quite a few seniors that have come into our rescue and will stay here. It seems they get younger here, their voices louder, their muscles stronger. This year I stocked up on the Longevity, knowing I would be unable to purchase the variety of products I do normally. As I dole out the Joint Health Chewablesto the neediest, and Longevity to everyone, including pups, I see the results of the products are lasting.

Old Miss Dorie, who was highlighted on the website under Joint Health Chewables (the beagle who couldn't get up the stairs) now jumps on her hind legs, runs and plays with the youngsters, and howls louder than I ever heard. Yes, they get younger here! I would never be without these products. Thank you!

Sheila Danish
Willows Change Pet Rescue Network, Nevada