Fresh Factors® + Joint Health Chewables + Spirulina ChewablesStarter Kit


Fresh Factors® + Joint Health Chewables + Spirulina Chewables
Starter Kit

Chewable Tablets

This powerful trio packs a punch! Our 2 best selling chewables, Fresh Factors and Joint Health Chews, are great for supporting healthy hip and joint function, digestion, skin, energy and more. Add Spirulina Chewables to support immune, circulatory, and detoxifying systems.

Real Letters 2010 Combo Shearer D

Joint Support

Debbie Shearer, Florida

  • 90 ct Fresh Factors
    + 90 ct Joint Health Chewables
    + 400 ct Spirulina Chewables
  • $.71/serving
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  • $85.75
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  • Product Highlights
  • Directions
  • Ingredients

• Great for all ages, including puppies
• Helps maintain healthy joints & hips
• Helps support healthy skin & muscle tone
• Supports digestion & reduces stool size
• Supports a healthy immune system
• Great for dogs on all diets

• Supports normal lubrication in joints for ease of movement
• Helps keep tendons & ligaments healthy & flexible
• Maintains healthy hips and joints
• Helps with mild discomfort associated with aging
• Supports cartilage surface health
• Great for growing or aging dogs

• Effective for dogs with allergies
• Provides seasonal support
• Supports healthy liver & kidney in their detoxifying & restorative functions
• Helps maintain proper immune system function
• Helps support the body's natural healing process
• Provides superior results compared to cooked or synthetic products

Product Summary

Fresh Factors is our best selling chewable for dogs of all ages. Made with high quality chondroitin, bee pollen, active yeast culture, kelp, desiccated beef liver, and biotin, Fresh Factors offers natural support for joints, skin, digestion, and energy levels.

Joint Health Chewables supports healthy hip and joint function with the proven ingredients MSM, glucosamine HCl, and chondroitin sulfate. Plus, hyaluronic acid helps maintain joint lubrication and manganese promotes bone health. Convenient, chewable tablet option to help keep your dog's joints lubricated, flexible, and healthy.

Spirulina Chewables helps to support a healthy immune system, normal detoxification process and enhances support for a healthy allergy response. Spirulina is a raw blue-green microalgae, which helps maintain the body's immune, circulatory, and detoxifying systems.

For more products, we ask you to take a moment to have a look at our thorough selection of natural dog supplements at Springtime Supplements now.


Administer daily.

Up to 10 lb ¼ tablet
10-20 lb ½ tablet
20-40 lb 1 tablet
40-80 lb 2 tablets
80-120 lb 3 tablets
120 lb & up 4+ tablets


For use in dogs only.

Administer daily.

Up to 10 lb ¼ tablet
10-20 lb ½ tablet
20-40 lb 1 tablet
40-80 lb 2 tablets
80-120 lb 3 tablets
120 lb & over 4+ tablets


For use in dogs only.

Administer daily.

Up to 20 lb 1 tablet
20 to 40 lb 2 tablets
40 to 60 lb 3 tablets
60 to 80 lb 4 tablets
80 to 100 lb 5 tablets
100 lb & over 6+ tablets

Active Ingredients per tablet (2.15 g):
Active dry yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) 350 mg
Chondroitin sulfate (bovine source) 225 mg
Bee pollen 215 mg
Desiccated beef liver 215 mg
Kelp 90 mg
Biotin 700 mcg

Active Ingredients per tablet (2.28 g):
Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) 300 mg
Glucosamine HCl (shellfish extract) 250 mg
Chondroitin sulfate (bovine source) 158 mg
Ascorbic acid (vitamin C) 125 mg
Hesperidin 43 mg
Citrus bioflavonoid complex 40 mg
Hyaluronic Acid 4 mg
Manganese 2 mg
Rutin (vitamin P) 830 mcg

Active Ingredients per tablet (650 mg):
Spirulina (Arthrospira platensis) 350 mg

Real Letters

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Real Letters JHCD 2018 Gravelle, Amy
7-year-old Brutus models a bowtie.

"He is happy and jumping around like he's a pup!'

Dear Springtime,

My husband and I adopted Brutus from our local shelter two years ago, and he will be seven-years-old in May. Last year he was having a difficult time moving around and getting onto the couch. I remembered giving my other two dogs Joint Health Chewables from Springtime, and how helpful it was for them. And, sure enough, Joint Health Chewables worked for Brutus!

Brutus had been placed on meds for a short time, but after doing research, I became concerned about unnecessary health problems. But now, Brutus is going strong on Joint Health Chewables for nearly a year now. He is happy and jumping around like he's a pup! I just wanted to thank you.

Amy Gravelle, California

Real Letters Spirulina Wafers for Dog DeLong G

"I do not plan on my dog ever being without them."

Dear Springtime,

I have always had great results with your products. I have used them, for quite some time now, and do not plan on my dog ever being without them. I give Tanika, my three year old Cocker Spaniel, Fresh Factors, Bug Off Garlic granules, and about Spirulina Wafers. I really feel this helps her stay healthy and I am sure it will result in her having a more comfortable and enjoyable life in the years to come. I want to do whatever I can to ensure she is healthy and strong in her senior years. I love her dearly and want her to be with me for many, many years, and I know with your products I can do my part to help this happen. Thank you! 

Grace Delong, Ohio

Real Stories
A Happy & Healthy Banks! Real Stories
Baby Banks all cuddled up with big brother Roman.

Two Week Turnaround for Rescue Puppy

Dear Springtime,

I have a rescue Pitbull/Boxer mix that I got when he was only 4 weeks old and on death's door. The woman that I got him from was headed for the dumpster with this puppy in the box she was holding, saying he wasn't worth the time anyway. I couldn't let this happen, obviously, so I scooped him up and did my best to save his life that he hadn't even begun to live yet.

I work in my local animal rescue as a foster coordinator, so working with sick puppies is nothing out of the norm for me. I started treating this puppy for all of his severe problems. We almost lost him many times. My plan was to get him better and then find him a forever home through the rescue I work at, but he took so much work to keep alive that he ended up winning us over with his amazing spirit, infectious smile, and will to live! We named him Banks.

When I first started treating Banks, he had issues that were so bad that he had very thin, patchy hair, he could hardly walk, and his belly was so very bloated. I decided I had to give him some sort of supplement in addition to the food he was on to really set him up for success.

I started feeding Banks your Fresh Factors when he turned about 6 weeks old and could finally eat solid food. I started with the maximum dose because I knew he needed anything he could get to help him. In just two weeks, I couldn't believe the improvement! His hair started growing back and he finally maintained a normal physical well-being--no more rounded belly! To my amazement, we discovered Banks has a beautiful dark brindle coat, something we could never tell because his coat was in such bad shape when we first got him. He now had energy like never before and was finally starting to act like a real puppy. I cried tears of joy. Thank you for all you do,

Jill and "Banks" Chubbuck, Washington

Real Letters FFD Dykstra, Lisa
Rolling Rusty.

"We've taken to calling them miracle pills…"

Dear Springtime,

My mom uses Fresh Factors for her 14-year-old Bernese Mountain Dog, Rusty. Before they started on this, they had taken him to the vet because he was moving slow and clearly in a lot of discomfort. Rusty had previously had a stroke and it left his head permanently cocked at an angle. The vet had recommended putting him down, but my mom and her husband decided to try a few things to see if they could improve his quality of life.

Well, they tried your Fresh Factors. Not long after, he was feeling better and moving around better, getting up off the floor easier, eating more. All in all, Rusty's health was noticeably improving.

Fast-forward a few months and here he is a photo of Rusty now. Hard to believe this is the same dog, now rolling around on the ground, tail wagging.

Since then, my sister has bought them for her dog and noticed his dry skin and itchiness reduced drastically. We've taken to calling them miracle pills, and I'm about to start my 5-year-old Greyhound on them because I want him to live a long and healthy life!

Best Regards,
Garret Archer

Real Letters Joint Health Chews 2015 Davis Nancy
Beautiful, beloved Hilda.

"...miraculous difference..."

Dear Springtime,

I wanted to write to you and thank you for the years of comfort your product, Joint Health Chewables, had given my beloved German Shepherd Hilda. Hilda developed issues around the age of two years old. After much research, I came across your website and read all the wonderful testimonials about this product.

I ordered Hilda some of the Joint Health Chewables and saw a profound change with her within only two weeks' time. She was able to run again, climb stairs (she didn't even want to go up one step before starting her on the product), enjoyed swimming daily, and lived a good, healthy life.

I kept Hilda on the Joint Health Chewables for the next seven years. I truly believe that Hilda would not have had the quality of life she did, without your product.

The Joint Health Chewables made such a difference in Hilda and I have recommended your products to every pet owner I know.

I don't know how to thank you.

Nancy Davis, Michigan

Real Stories
Alfie and Jenny love Spirulina Wafers! Real Stories
Alfie's teeth are cleaner with Spirulina Wafers.

"I was giving him 2 a day for a general immune boost, but they are cleaning his teeth, too…"

Dear Springtime,

Just wanted to let you know that my dogs are receiving an unexpected benefit from eating the Spirulina Wafers. In a recent annual check up, the vet remarked how clean the teeth of my 9-year-old springer-lab mix were for his age. I started thinking, and all I could figure was that it must be from chewing the Spirulina Wafers!

I was giving Aflie 2 a day for a general immune boost, but they are cleaning his teeth, too! I couldn't be happier! I can't give him other edible hard chews for his teeth, because he chomps off large pieces that I'm afraid could get lodged in his digestive track.

So we have unexpectedly found that he can chew the Spirulina Wafers, they clean his teeth, and I don't have to worry about him digesting them. AND they boost his immune system. Brilliant! Now I give them to my 3-year-old corgie/beagle mix, Jenny, too!

Thanks, Springtime.

Kathi Fuller, IL