DMG 5,600


DMG 5,600

This cost-effective DMG supplement for horses can help improve oxygen utilization and reduce normal lactic acid buildup for better performance and post event recovery.

Natural DMG Supplement for Horses (dimethylglycine HCl) for healthy oxygen utilization, which is critical for endurance, stamina, performance, and recovery.

Real Letters DMG 5,600 Kelley K

"DMG 5,600 & Breather Powder: Seasonal Allergies"

Kelley Kelley, New York

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  • Product Highlights
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  • Ingredients
• Supports healthy oxygen utilization, which is essential for energy production and stamina
• Reduces lactic acid buildup (tying up) due to exercise
• Healthy immune system support
• Extremely cost-effective way to improve overall endurance

DMG Supplement Product Summary

DMG has been a tack room item for decades. The cost-to-benefit ratio of this natural horse supplement is obvious and outstanding. Springtime's DMG 5,600 is the most cost-effective way to maintain healthy oxygenation, reduce tying up during exercise, and support recovery after physical exertion.

For further products, we invite you to take the time to view our extensive selection of natural horse supplements at Springtime Supplements today.

For use in horses only.

Recommended for supporting normal respiratory health, oxygen utilization, and pulmonary function.

Directions for Using DMG Supplement for Horses:

Daily Maintenance: Give 1 scoop (1,200 mg of DMG) per 1,000 lb body weight. Dose may vary from horse to horse.
Pre-Event: Give 2 heaping scoops of DMG Supplement for Horses the evening before and the morning of the event.

For animal use only. Keep out of reach of children and animals. In case of accidental overdose, contact a health professional immediately. This product should not be given to animals intended for human consumption.

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Active Ingredients per 5 ml scoop (1 tsp.):
N, N-Dimethylglycine HCl (DMG) 1,215 mg

Real Letters

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Real Letters DMG 5,600 Berry S
Susie with her beautiful Arabian.

"…allergies and breathing problems…"

Dear Springtime,

A "horse" friend of mine, Ellen Ringenberg, told me about the good results she had on a horse of hers with breathing problems. I used DMG 5,600 on my 26 year old Arabian gelding who has had allergies and breathing problems for years. He was on medication every other day. Since using DMG 5,600 for three months, he has been able to maintain normal respiratory function and health.

Susie Berry, Illinois

Real Letters 2007 DMG 5,600 Miller L
Sadie is able to enjoy the great outdoors again.

"Before using DMG 5,600, it was many vet calls…"

Dear Springtime,

Sadie, my Thoroughbred mare, will turn 31 the first of 2006. I have had her since she was five. She has gone from a racehorse to a children's hunter to a mother. I feel if it were not for Springtime's DMG 5,600, she would not be with me today – what a wonderful product…Years back she developed allergies which eventually turned into a breathing problem. Before using DMG 5,600, it was many vet calls, shots, etc. Since using it – not one vet call. I probably have had her on it for the past four years or so…

Thank You,
Linda Miller, North Carolina

Real Letters 2010 DMG 5,600 Lamb J
Gypsy and Makhi.

"Heaves: Finding Relief"

Dear Springtime,

It's one of those moments a horse owner dreads. You go out to bring the horses in for the night, but, someone is missing. Where is Gypsy, my eight year old miniature? I search the darkness and start yelling her name. I see a faint shadow, something is wrong. Gypsy is moving very slowly. As she gets closer I hear her loud breathing and see her barrel is sinking in and out as she struggles to breath. A year earlier she had been diagnosed with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary disease, commonly known as Heaves. Heaves is a respiratory ailment that results in cough, shortness of wind and exercise intolerance. She had had spells before but, this was bad.

I frantically headed to the house to call the emergency vet, who seemed more interested in scolding me for not having extra medication than helping me. Fortunately, I did have one packet of medication; I gave her a dose and called my vet the next day. Two days later I saw no improvement and asked her to stop by.

"She's really working hard" the vet said as she examined Gypsy. I could feel myself working into a panic. What if she needed to be put down? I didn't want her to suffer. The vet gave her a shot of high dose steroids. The treatment could have some serious side effects and cost $300.00. You start asking those questions that you don't want to think about. How much can I afford to put into my ailing horse and how much will I allow her to suffer? The next few days I watched over her closely, spending extra time with her, grooming her, walking her and just sitting under a tree watching her eat. Terry had bought Gypsy, at an auction. Nine months later she had surprised us with a beautiful foal who we named Cheyenne. She had given us so much, I just couldn't lose her.

But, Gypsy proved that although she was small she was tough. She experienced no side effects and the treatment seems to have helped. But, what about next time? I knew I had to find answers and a way to help my little horse. I recalled a catalog I had received called "Springtime". A huge supporter of alternative medicine in humans I decided to see what it could do for my horse. I started Gypsy on two products, the Breather Powder and DMG 5,600. The Breather Powder improves oxygenation and heart and lung function. The DMG 5,600 enhanced energy production, reduces lactic buildup, strengthens the immune response and supports oxygen utilization. I kept her stall dust and mold free and only use wood shavings. It has been almost a year since her last spell. Gypsy has put on weight and is a picture of good health. When I see her running with the herd I get a lump in my throat. I'm glad that I was able to find something that helped my little horse have a better life so she can just enjoy being a horse.

Jowana Lamb, Delaware
Country Time Creations Blog

Real Letters DMG 5,600 Kelley K
Kelley & Sargeant clearing their jump with ease.

"DMG 5,600 & Breather Powder: Seasonal Allergies"

Dear Springtime,

I am writing to tell you how pleased I am with both your DMG 5,600 and your Breather Powder. My 14 year old gelding, Sargeant, has severe allergies and was diagnosed with breathing issues a couple of years ago. I started him on DMG 5,600 on the recommendation of a friend, and it did wonders for him. We were finally able to compete in all the local hunter paces and were in the ribbons every time. I started him on Breather Powder last fall when his seasonal allergies kicked in and he was much more comfortable on our long rides. I made the mistake of taking him off both supplements a couple of months ago, figuring that his breathing would be better in the cold winter air, and, guess what, within a month he was in distress and diagnosed with breathing issues brought on by the allergies. He is back on both the DMG 5,600 and Breather Powder, his breathing has improved, and we're gearing up for the spring season. I learned my lesson and Sargeant will be on both supplements from here on out! Thank you for your great products.

Kelley Kelley, New York

Real Letters DMG 2014 Bahr Valecia Joy
Valecia and her trusty mare sidekick back to enjoying rides together!

No More Coughing!

Dear Springtime,

I have had my mare for about eight years now. She has been my trusty partner, who I would trust anywhere with anyone. Over the past two or three years she has developed a cough and wheeze. Last year, it was so bad that I was worried she would have to face a very early retirement. If she had to strain herself at all, she would start coughing and have to stop and rest. It was getting to the point where neither of us were enjoying our rides anymore.

I tried nearly everything I could think of, and then I had DMG 5,600 recommended to me. Ever since she has been on it, is has helped support her normal stamina and endurance. She has NEVER looked or felt better, and I have my old horse back! She looks great (even developing dapples, which I love), and she hasn't had any problems while being worked. I would recommend this product to anyone! Thank you!

Valecia Joy Bahr, Iowa

Real Letters DMG 5,600 Sunseri C
Star is breathing easy with DMG 5,600.

No More Coughing!

Dear Springtime,

DMG 5,600 is a lifesaver! I had our vet out numerous times for our pony's coughs and nothing worked until this! I am telling all of my friends who own horses about DMG 5,600!

Christina Sunseri, California