Beef Trachea


Beef Trachea

Chews for Dogs

Top grade beef trachea is a 100% digestible chew that dogs love! It's also a natural source of chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine, which owners love!


Pepper, a puppy who always wants to chew, loves the Beef Trachea by Springtime!
  • Small (5" - 6") - 6 ct
  • $3.33/each
  • Qty
  • $20.00
  • Small (5" - 6") - 12 ct
  • $3.17/each
  • Qty
  • $38.00
  • Small (5" - 6") - 24 ct
  • $3.02/each
  • Qty
  • $72.50
  • Large (11" - 12") - 6 ct
  • $6.38/each
  • Qty
  • $38.25
  • Large (11" - 12") - 12 ct
  • $6.10/each
  • Qty
  • $73.25
  • Large (11" - 12") - 24 ct
  • $5.79/each
  • Qty
  • $139.00
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Dogs LOVE to chew! Why not use a healthy chew that keeps their teeth and gums clean and is a natural source of chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine? Our oven baked beef trachea for dogs is delicious and chewy enough to keep dogs happily occupied for a while.

• Oven-dried for best flavor
• Low odor
• Promotes healthy teeth & gums
• Supports joints & connective tissues
• Single Ingredient - nothing added!
• USDA Inspected
• 100% digestible
• Sourced and made in the USA

For even more offerings, we encourage you to spend some time to view our comprehensive inventory of natural dog supplements at Springtime Supplements now.
Directions: Store beef trachea for dogs in a cool, dry place. Supervision is recommended, as with any chew or toy.
Ingredients: 100% beef trachea.

Real Letters

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Real Letters BTD Armijo Sue

A Snow Day Treat!

Dear Springtime,

I love the Beef Trachea treats from Springtime! Especially tasty in the snow!

(and Creede's mom, Sue Armijo, Colorado)

Real Letters T 2016 6 inch
Springtime's Beef Trachea - dogs love this chew treat!

Real Letters BFD Chubbuck, Jill
Banks banks on Springtime.

"I'd choose these over nylon bones any day."

Dear Springtime,

I recently purchased a 6 pack of the 6" Beef Trachea for my dog, Banks, as he comes to work with me every day and I like for him to have something fun and yummy to chew on. He loves these! You can buy a similar product elsewhere, but these, we've found, are tastier and seem of higher quality. They are thicker than other tracheas we've purchased, so that makes them extra chewy and last longer.

We've recently started stuffing them with pumpkin puree, blueberries and other goodies. We stick them in the freezer to make a long-lasting snack for days that we're too busy to get out or, frankly, when the Washington weather is too ugly for us to romp around in. Banks LOVES them! I'd choose these over nylon bones any day. Plus, the health benefits of the naturally occurring glucosamine and chondroitin in the Beef Trachea is an added bonus.

I will be purchasing these and donating them to the shelter I work at for some of the "long timer" dogs for enrichment purposes. I know they will love them just as much as my picky boy does.

Thank you for all you do and providing pets and their families with wonderful products; we appreciate it so much!

Jill Chubbuck, Washington