Dear Springtime,

I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the results I am seeing after feeding my dog your Joint Health ChewablesMy 13 year old Pit Bull, Psycha, was starting to show signs of joint health issues. She was having trouble jumping up on the bed, she was hesitant to go up and down the stairs without assistance, and she appeared to be very stiff when she walked or got up from a nap.

Before rushing her to the vet for an evaluation, I decided to start her on your Joint Health Chewables. After seven days of being on your product, I am happy to report seeing a remarkable improvement in her mobility! She's up on the bed again and she is maneuvering up and down the stairs without our help. Overall she is much more active. It really put my mind at ease seeing such a remarkable improvement in her health in such a short period of time, by simply giving her two tablets a day as recommended. I am confident her joint health will continue to improve as long as she is on your product so I will be ordering more! Thanks for making a product that works wonders!

Lori Schultz, Texas