Dear Springtime,

I have already written you about the Joint Health Chewablesthat I have been giving to my eight year old Pomeranian, Foxy. I talked about what a difference they have made in her dog life. She could hardly walk, and I just had to let you know that she has improved even more. Today she actually ran, which she has not done in over a year. I could not believe it. Her energy and spirit are back to like they used to be and she is now a happy dog. Before, she just wanted to lie around because you could tell she was in pain, and now she wants to play and run around. She has a new lease on life, I am so glad I discovered this miracle product for her, and I just wanted to thank you.

I myself just turned 70 in February, so I am going to try your Joint Health Capsules to see if it will help my knees when I go salsa dancing. I will let you know how your product works since it has tremendously helped my Foxy – she has her young spirit back like her mom.

Gloria Robinson, California