Dear Springtime,

This is our beloved Keiko. She is a four year old Rottweiler-Chow mix. Six months ago we learned she had severe hip problems and would need a hip replacement. I immediately started looking for alternatives. We tried the vet's pain relievers plus glucosamine, then a couple of other brands we found online but nothing worked. I got desperate to relieve her pain so I went online to see if she could have ibuprofen or other painkillers. I was glad to find someone glowingly referring your product and decided to try it. Your personnel helped us decide which product she needed and it has helped tremendously.

We started her on 1-1/2 scoops daily and within a week, she was up and around without limping. By the end of the month she was out playing with "her" horse ('Dancer' – our adopted wild Mustang)…she is pain free and a much happier dog. I am so glad to have my dog saved from the knife and a life of pain and restrictions…

Thank you for a super product that gave our loving pet back!

Steve and Cheryl Massengill, Tennessee