Dear Springtime,

In late October of 2005, my over 10 year old male Doberman had a fall down the deck steps while chasing a stray cat. He seriously injured his rear but no fractures. Due to his age, I didn't want to give him meds, but tried other joint catalog products with very little results. By the end of March, he was to the point that at times his rear legs gave out and he couldn't get up on his own. I was forced to face the extremely difficult choice of euthanasia. I then heard about your Joint Health Formula in powder form, and after reading the testimonials from horse people, I decided to give it one last try.

After being on it for five weeks with totally miraculous results, I just recently placed a second order. By the first week in May of 2006 and my guy now reaching the age of 11 years and three months, he is once again galloping around the yard and getting into mischief. I thank you so very much, Springtime, for this wonderful product, and giving me extra time with my beloved companion. I've tried others, but found no other to match the results obtained by this product. I have since recommended this to Doberman people friends, and one of them already is getting the exact same results with her own now advanced aged Doberman afflicted with joint problems.

Joan E. Forsythe, Wisconsin