Dear Springtime,

I want to thank you for your wonderful products and share a story with you. We recently adopted Miss Dorie, a ten year old Beagle, on her last day at the animal shelter. For three months she had been there, lying on a cement floor, and her time was up. We took her home and noted that she had severe stiffness in her back legs, and she could hardly walk.

As we discussed ramps and future problems, I started her on a double dose of Joint Health Formula powder. Within three weeks Miss Dorie was running up the hill, jumping on her hind legs, and playing with the other dogs!

I kept her on the Joint Health Formula for a few weeks more. But I thought that perhaps it was just the cold cement floor that caused her issues, not joint problems, since her recovery had been so quick. So I stopped the Joint Health Formula.

Within two weeks poor Miss Dorie had her tail between her legs, couldn't walk or navigate the steps. Worse than she was when we adopted her, maybe because she had begun to feel so much better and then it was gone. What a terrible disappointment to her.

Now the thing that brings me to write you is this. I started her back on the same double dose of Joint Health Formula. Within ONE WEEK Miss Dorie's tail was held high, and she was running like a Beagle should, chasing rabbits UP the hill, howling in glee with the others.

I knew your products are good. I could give testimonials on your products for the others in my ten dog pack. But the change in Miss Dorie in one week's time was phenomenal. She will never be without Joint Health Formula again for the rest of her now happy life. She also gets Bug Off Garlic Granules and Bee Pollen.

Thank you, Springtime! I remain your faithful customer.
Sheila Danish, Nevada