Dear Springtime,

I always give out a supply of Joint Health Chewables and Fresh Factorssamples (plus a catalog) to folks who share their dog stories with me and their results are joyfully inspiring!

Enclosed are photos of Boots, our thirteen year old "Springtime Champion," Lady, his three year old sidekick (also loves her Joint Health Chewables) and me (Joint Health Capsules, Spirulina Tablets, etc.). My husband, too, is a fan. We have a professional paleontological services business putting dinosaur skeletons together for museums, movies, etc. Currently, we are prepping and display mounting an 80 foot Sauropod named Apollo in our 1895 barn/dino hall and workshop, so we must stay strong and healthy. Springtime is our very best supplement program and we all thank you for your consistent attention to quality, service and that very real aspect of personal interaction.

Yours in health,
April James, Pennsylvania