Dear Springtime,

I've been giving my dogs Fresh Factorsfor about three years now with wonderful results. At the risk of admitting a rare moment of negligence as a dog owner, I must tell you how I discovered what a SAFE product it is.

A few months ago, I placed a new, unopened 60-count jar of Fresh Factors on a kitchen counter, thinking it was out of reach of my then four month old Cardigan Welsh Corgi puppy, Druid. While I napped one day, Dru managed to get hold of the jar and eat the entire 60 tablets! All I found was an empty jar and a chewed-up lid! He seemed none for the worse for it at the time, so I watched him closely for the next two days and to my astonishment (and delight)…no vomiting, no diarrhea, not even a loose stool. It was as if he hadn't consumed it at all. I was amazed.

While I wouldn't have chosen this particular method to "test" the safety of a product, it nonetheless proved to me that your products are not only effective, but SAFE. (Needless to say, I am more careful now so my little monster can't help himself to things that may or may not be harmful to him). Thanks for the added peace of mind I now have knowing that when I give my beloved dogs their Fresh Factors, this daily "treat" is as safe as it is beneficial.

Nancy Edmonds, Missouri