Dear Springtime,

Pictured is Taz, a German Shepherd, with Mrs. Schuler's second grade students in Enterprise, Kansas. The class had just read a book about German Shepherds as part of their reading assignment. Mrs. Schuler invited me to bring Taz for the class to see and interact with her. Taz just had her hair cut and the students still said, "She is so pretty." Taz (Tazmanian Devil) is really Miss Congeniality. She loved all the students and their teacher. Taz and I owe it all to Springtime's Fresh Factors. In 1998, Taz had severe back problems and found it very difficult and painstakingly slow to rise from a sitting position. I started her on Fresh Factorsand within several weeks, she began acting like a pup again. She is now 11 years old. She walks at least a mile with me each day. Taz has also visited the residents of the local nursing home, and they loved her, too. Thank you, Fresh Factors.

Gerald Dorsch, Kansas