Dear Springtime,

Early in August 1997, my four year old St. Bernard exhibited symptoms of hip dysplasia. Bruno would place his front paws on the stairs, while I had to lift his hind quarters. In this manner, we traversed over a dozen steps daily… To be able to climb up to the front seat of my car, I had to build a platform, and finally an elevator in my house to raise him 22 feet. A phone call to Michigan's number one breeder, Anna Irwin, brought the suggestion to get Fresh Factors and double or triple the dosage. So, over a six week period, I gave Bruno 12 tablets daily. Within six weeks, all of the symptoms were gone, and the St. Bernard was walking normally. Since then, all of my eleven St. Bernards receive their daily quota of Fresh Factors. When a Saint goes out for adoption, the animal takes with it the brochure about the product. All the adoptive parents of my St. Bernard rescues leave with the knowledge that this product is not only a preventative, but a life-saver. Fresh Factors is absolutely critical to their well being.

John Nelson, Saint Bernard Rescue, Michigan