Dear Springtime,

This is Chivas (red Golden Mix, 9 1/2 years old), who lives with my mother, and Champis (Golden Retriever, 13 years old) who lives with my good friend, Katarina. They live in Sweden, and I sent them Fresh Factors because I heard from someone that it would really help aging dogs.

When I first sent Katarina some Fresh Factors for Champis, she called wondering what was in the tablets. She said Champis seemed like he was young again.

I went home to Sweden for a visit (I moved to the USA over six years ago) and Katarina and I met to let the dogs play together. They were very happy, but Champis had a rough time moving around. His hind end would not bear him up very well, and he had trouble climbing stairs. Katarina said she was out of Fresh Factors and I immediately gave her an extra jar of Chiva's. Two days later, she called me to say that Champis was again jumping in the car by himself, and running around like the good old days.

Thank you, Springtime, for a great product,
Helene Gregory, New Jersey