Dear Springtime,

I have five Dachshunds, two of which had back surgery. Wild Bill's was in December 2001. In August 2002, he lost the use of his hind legs again. The veterinarian at A&M University Hospital said they could operate again, but he would probably never walk again. I could put him on a cart or put him to sleep. I chose the cart. Then I got your catalog in the mail and ordered Bug Off Garlic Granules and Fresh Factors. Within a few weeks he was using his back legs in the cart. Then in December 2003 I got his cart out for him to go hunting in the back half acre and it was a miracle. He took a few steps, then flopped down and got back up and ran a few more steps. The cart now sits on a table on the back porch. He is free to roam his half acre again. (Sam is 13, Bill and C.J. are 9, Mark Anthony is 8 and Trouble is 7 years young). Thank you for all your wonderful products.

Jacqueline Kranz, Texas