Dear Springtime,

My Shepherd mix dog, Shadow, started having hip problems when he was just 18 months old. He was in such pain that he could no longer get up on the bed, get up in the car, or just enjoy going for a walk. Every step he took was extremely painful for him and he would just whimper as he tried to walk. He would hold his leg up in the air because it was just too painful for him to try to put it down.

A friend of mine told me about Fresh Factors, so I figured I might give it a try even though I was skeptical that it would help very much. I doubled the dose for the first two weeks as recommended and to my amazement and disbelief, at the end of two weeks he was running and playing just like a puppy. It really was a miracle.

Shadow and I can't thank you enough for your great product. Shadow has been taking Fresh Factors for five years and to this day remains healthy, happy, and playful. Your product was a godsend.

Dina Wood, West Virginia