Dear Springtime,

This letter is about eight years overdue! When I first saw the letters in your catalogue, I said to myself, "Oh, yeah. Sales puff." Not too much later, I was telling your telephone receptionists time and time again, "I really must write you a letter." Finally, here it is!

I started with Fresh Factors eight years ago when my Siberian Husky, Fred, wouldn't get off of the low sofa. He was very stiff and had considerable muscle soreness. He was very glum and clearly uncomfortable, if not in pain. Radiographs revealed nothing. I put him on Fresh Factors and about two weeks later, he was his old self again…

Years later, I took Freddy off of Fresh Factors for a while. The hind end lameness returned. At the time, the vet put him on medication. Sadly, I had forgotten about Fresh Factors. After three months, I noticed blood in his stool, and without consulting the vet, immediately took Fred off of the medication. I remembered Fresh Factors and placed an order. Two weeks later, Fred was quite chipper again and back to his bouncy self. . .

Sadly, Fred, my Siberian passed over the Rainbow Bridge this past January at the age of 16 1⁄2. He had a long and happy life. But even as the end grew near, I ground up his Fresh Factors and mixed them in with his turkey baby food. We knew things were pretty bad though, when after more than eight years, he suddenly wasn't too keen on his daily Fresh Factors.

We have a new fur baby named Mollie who is also a Siberian. Her first order is on the way. And now we know that all those testimonial letters are really true!

Kindest Regards,
Susan Terry Burroughs & "Mollie," Florida