Dear Springtime,

My Rottweiler, Basia, turned eleven last week and your products have helped her this far. She had hip problems so severe that at six months of age her leg was "popping" out of the hip socket. She's had two hip surgeries and a spinal injury from a fall (due to her unstable hips). Through all of this she has been on a low dose of steroids. My vet said when she was still a puppy, that the steroids would shorten her life considerably due to organ damage. The results were worth the risks as this was the only therapy that helped her inflammation and pain and allowed her to have a happy, normal life. I found Fresh Factors when she was about two years old and added them to her diet. Much to everyone's surprise, we never had to increase the level of steroids to control her symptoms. When she was nine and needed the second hip operated on, the blood work showed that her organs were in perfect working condition. This was two years after her predicted life expectancy. Just before her birthday this year, I had blood work done again and her organs are still working in perfect condition. I switched her to Longevity when it was introduced and I have noticed that she has even more energy. I can't thank you enough for the part I'm convinced your products have played in her continuing happy life.

Gwyn Starr, Michigan