Dear Springtime,

This is Korbel and Haley, my two Golden Retrievers. Shortly after Haley turned three, she began not being able to jump on the couch or go up and down the stairs.

You could see by her eyes she was in pain. My boss told me about Fresh Factors and gave me your magazine and some Fresh Factorsto get started. I then placed an order and saw how it helped her. Haley will soon be eight and has not had one more problem with her back. She plays, runs, and jumps like a puppy.

At the same time I started Haley on Fresh Factors, I also started Korbel. He is very big-boned and seemed to kind of have that funny walk that dogs with hip problems have. I feared it would get worse in time. He also is almost eight and I believe, thanks to Fresh Factors, he has not had any problems. They both act like puppies. I love your Fresh Factors. I cannot say enough about it. I also give them Joint Health Chewables. They have been on it for almost five years and will stay on it for the rest of their lives.

I also have told many people about your products and as a result, they too have their dogs on them. I thank you for such great products.

Donna Mershon, Illinois