Dear Springtime,

Over the years, my dogs have benefited greatly from Fresh Factors. I have mainly had Greyhounds, but I have non-hounds as well. I find that Fresh Factors have helped my older as well as my younger hounds. One of my favorite hounds was Charlie, who lost his battle with cancer in May of last year. His cancer was diagnosed in the previous December, and the doctors gave him about a month to live. With the help ofFresh Factors and other supplements, he lived an additional four months. Not only that, during that time, he still had quality of life. And, I know his energy level remained higher than it would have been without Fresh Factors. Thank you for making such a superior product. My mother and I are still using your products, and continue to see results in our dogs. I would never be without Fresh Factors.

Diane Lee and Wanda Lee (my mom), Texas