Dear Springtime,

Aloha! Here are a few photos of my beloved soon to be 14 year old Great Dane (in April 2006). He would not be alive today if it weren't for Joint Health Chewables and Fresh Factors he's been getting for the last two years. He was barely able to get up when I, in desperation, started him on your supplements. I would have had to put him to sleep a long time ago if he hadn't improved as dramatically as he did. Within two weeks, he literally could jump in the back of the Yukon again! It was unbelievable. Even in his VERY advanced years (for a Great Dane, it's almost a record, I believe) he is still able to get around and even chase a mongoose every now and then! If he is off his supplements for even a few days, there is a very noticeable difference in his mobility, and if I were to take him off completely, he would no longer be able to even get up, let alone walk!

Thanks so much for having these "miracle pills!"
Holly Cunningham, Hawaii
Note: Sadly, Brutus passed away July 10, 2006