Dear Springtime,

We have two German Shepherds that are 17 months old and a Standard Poodle that will be 12 years old this June. Trixie, the Standard Poodle, has been on Fresh Factors for a little over two years, and the pups, Luther and Leyna, since they were eight weeks old. I noticed Trixie was getting a little slow at getting up and not playing as much with the pups, so I ordered some Joint Health Chewables to add to her Fresh Factors. What a difference I see in her and it has been just shy of a week. She plays longer and harder with the two Shepherds and is no longer slow in getting up. She just has a lot more energy now!

They also take Bug Off Garlic Chewables for flea and tick control. I have a lot of faith in your products, which is saying something nowadays. Thank you so much for making quality products that we dog owners can trust.

Stephanie Calhoun, Pennsylvania
Note: Sadly Trixie passed away May 11, 2009 at the age of 14.