Dear Springtime,

Your Springtime supplements will be remembered for the longevity my Great Pyrenees, Morgan, experienced. She passed away just a few weeks ago and I am heavily grieving her absence in my life. She was only a few days short of 14 ½ years old!

About five years ago, Morgan was limping badly and would not put any weight on her rear leg. She was diagnosed with cancer in her ankle. It had eaten away at the connective tissue and I was told to put her to sleep or amputate the leg. Morgan was still very full of life and there was no option other than to let her live even if she had to live without a leg. I was very sad at the time to learn she had cancer.

After some post-surgery difficulty (learning to walk on three legs), I immediately put her on Fresh Factors upon recommendation from a total stranger who had seen me with her limping along. I had also put her on Joint Health Chewables and kept her on an all natural food diet.

I had truly been blessed to have my Great Pyrenees well into her "golden years." Morgan had defied the odds of surviving cancer as an amputee since this breed normally succumbs to bone cancer. She had lived five years beyond the amputation. She even refused a custom made wheelchair, and lived another nine months dealing with some joint problems. Her will to live was undeniable.

I will continue to tell others about your wonderful products. Thank you, Springtime, on behalf of my beloved Morgan.

Very truly yours,
Catherine Wielenta, Tennessee
"Morgan" - March 16, 1992 – September 11, 2006