Dear Springtime,

Rylee was in pain, emaciated, and neurologically unsound, and weighed only five pounds at three years of age. She couldn't stand without wobbling nor could she walk without falling over. She was a miniature Black & Tan Dachshund surrendered to Dachshund Rescue of North America. This was my first experience with a rescue in that kind of shape.

I had heard of Springtime supplements from another member of DRNA, located on the East Coast, so I thought I would try them. Rylee was put on crate rest, premium quality foods, Joint Health Chewables, Fresh Factors (every other day) and the results were amazing. She was triple dosed Joint Health Chewables daily for about two and a half weeks, then down to twice a day. Within a few weeks, this little dog didn't look anything like the dog I had picked up in the pouring down rain on a Friday afternoon. She was gaining weight, was alert, spirited and playful – all of the things she wasn't when she came into rescue. She left my care and was adopted weighing three pounds more than when she arrived. Here are a couple of photos of Rylee before and after. Joint Health Chewablescertainly saved this little girl and gave her back her life.

I use Joint Health Chewables and Fresh Factors religiously for all of my rescue Dachshunds. And, there are many stories within DRNA of how Springtime has given life back to these little ones in our care.

Kathryn Dickerson, Oklahoma
Dachshund Rescue of North America/Oklahoma