Dear Springtime,

I just wanted to send you my testimonial about the products we use on our dog.We got Bruce, a black Standard Poodle, when he was four months old. He is our second Standard Poodle. As we always walk our dogs for about 50 minutes, we noticed by the end of the walk we were practically dragging him home. We also noticed a pretty big "sway" in his hips as he walked. We made an appointment and the x-ray confirmed what we had expected. At six months old, he already had hip problems. As a matter of fact, our vet said he had not seen a case this severe in a pup so young, except for one other time! He gave us a prescription for a pain killer and explained that Bruce would probably be put down at a very young age due to either liver problems from the meds or the severe joint issues he had. Months passed and we normally had to give Bruce half a pill each night because you could tell he was in pain

. Out of the blue, we received your catalog in the mail and decided to give your products Joint Health Chewables and Fresh Factors a try. Fast forward to Bruce's exam this past fall. Our vet comes in the room and was totally amazed at the change in Bruce! As a matter of fact, he thought it was a different dog! Bruce now runs (which he didn't do as a young dog), plays, and is the picture of a vibrant dog! We cannot thank you enough! We now feel Bruce will live a long time versus the three or so years we had been told. Although Bruce still has the "sway" when he walks, since starting on your products, we have not given him the meds at all!

Rick & Connie Dail, South Dakota