Dear Springtime,

My dog, Jack, has had horrible allergies for several years (he's around nine now). Jack is a Lab/Aussie/BC mix; 65 lbs. We've tried changing his diet, and even found a doggie dermatologist/allergist who put him on yet a different diet (higher in fish oil), along with desensitization shots (not steroids!). They have helped, but every summer I have a cabinet full of lotions and potions to fight the itch. I couldn't scratch his chest or rub his tummy without his feet kicking to scratch. His armpits and belly were bright pink every summer and he was truly miserable. This year it started early in March with warm weather, when everything started to bloom. In April, I got your catalog in the mail and on a whim I ordered a bottle of Fresh Factors. I gave it to him hesitantly because I didn't want a new product to set off an allergy rash. It's now July, and no itching! This is usually the worst time of year, but not this year! I truly consider this a miracle for Jack! This is the first summer he is able to enjoy with no pink skin or scratching! I can rub his tummy and scratch his chest and see only pleasure in his eyes. You'd never know Jack has allergies, and there was a time I considered him the "boy in the bubble" because we tried to shelter him from everything. Thank you just isn't enough. You've improved Jack's quality of life, and ours as well.

Linda Eissmann, Nevada