Dear Springtime,

Whenever my dogs are about to receive treats when they come in, they expect Fresh Factors. They love them so much. Every dog we have had loves them, including different breeds, sizes, and ages. Not only do they love them, but also we don't have to force them to eat them like other vitamins. They prefer your product over unhealthier treats…that are horrible for their teeth and have little to no nutritional value.

My older dog actually got excited when we shook the bottle. Up to age 18 he still could eat them because they were easy on his teeth. He loved your product. Receiving Fresh Factorseach day was the best part of his day.

Thank you for having a great, healthy product like Fresh Factors. It has done wonders in my dogs' diets, supplementing what they just don't get in their daily food.

Devin Davis, Wisconsin