Dear Springtime,

Hi! I just wanted to let you know that the Fresh Factors has given my dog Cheyenne new life. She was diagnosed with a heart based tumor in January 2008. She was slowly but steadily declining. In March, I mysteriously received your catalog in the mail even though I hadn't ordered in years and had moved numerous times since I last reordered. Without even looking at the product description, I remembered I used to buy Fresh Factorsand decided to order them again. Just in the nick of time, as it seemed Cheyenne was nearing the end. She was lethargic, bloated from fluid buildup, and had trouble breathing. I put her on Fresh Factors and five days later, it was like she was a different dog. She had energy again. Our walks, which had been 15 minutes, were back up to 45 minutes. Over the next couple of months her fluid buildup steadily declined and her energy level stayed up. Her vets are just amazed and even asked to see the product. Not only did I show them the product but I gave them the catalog.

Thank you, Springtime, for your wonderful products and giving Cheyenne a new lease on life!

Many blessings,
LuAnn Whale, California