Dear Springtime,

More good humor:

A blind man and his seeing eye dog head into town for a little stroll. Approaching the busiest intersection in town the dog doesn't hesitate, but leads the man directly into rush hour traffic.

Everyone stopped to watch this incident when they heard brakes squealing and horns blaring. The man and his dog made it to the other side without injury.

A young man, having observed the incident, watched the man take a dog biscuit from his pocket and offer it to the dog. "Excuse me, sir," the young man said, "but why would you reward your dog for almost getting you killed?"

The blind man replied, "I am trying to find his head, so I can kick his tail!"

My two 'kids', Renton MacPherson (an eight year old Scottish Terrier) and Bonnie Girl (a seven year old Golden Retriever), are both still going strong on your Fresh Factors. I ordered the Bug Off Garlic Chewables for the summer flea season in the Northwest. We love your products!

Peggy Lance & Family, Washington