Dear Springtime,

Dixie is a nine month old Rough Collie. She came to live with us at six months, severely affected with demodex mites. Her face was swollen and oozing infection.

Our vet predicted Dixie would be on antibiotics for at least six months... To help her recovery along, we ordered your Fresh Factors, Bug Off Garlic Chewables, and Spirulina Wafers. We tripled her doses and began to see an almost immediate improvement. The mites were still there, but her swelling disappeared and the infection cleared. Our vet couldn't believe the improvement after two weeks.

We quickly ran out of the products. Even on high doses of antibiotics, Dixie's infection began to return. With her growing vet bills, I had put off re-ordering. I won't make that mistake again.

We might not be able to kill the mites, but with your products and a lot of TLC, Dixie lives a much better, more comfortable life. She's a wild child that loves to run and play with anything squeaky. Dixie is the life of the party.

My other Collie, Faith, is doing great on the Spirulina Wafers. After trading our country home for a lot in town, she seemed to be missing it. In just days, she was adjusting better after being on your product. I'm putting our GSD, Kodie, on them, too.

Thanks, Springtime,
Roxy Williams & the gang, New York