Dear Springtime,

I have a male Chesapeake Bay Retriever, Lance with diabetes. For about one year his doctor has been trying to regulate his insulin injections to bring his blood sugar count down from around 350 to less than 200. March 10, 2009 his sugar count was 363. I called your company and the lady answering suggested I try Fresh Factors and Spirulina Wafers for him. We started him on your products around March 16, 2009.

He had a blood sugar test May 20, 2009 and his count was 168. The doctors and I were very pleased with that number. He also seems to have more energy.

This photo was taken about three years ago. He is nine years old now and we still walk twice per day for a total of a mile. Lance was retrieving dummies four weeks ago at our camp in Vermont on Lake Willoughby.

Thank you for all you do to alleviate pain and suffering by the products you sell and we feed to our animal companions.

Harold Wheeler, New York