Dear Springtime,

I just want to tell you that my dog Charlie has horrific allergies and I hated giving him prescription medicine which is really all that would control his itching and keep him from digging at his body. Then by accident, I discovered your company and Fresh Factors online. I was desperate, and nothing ventured, nothing gained, so I ordered the product. I have to tell you I was skeptical that Fresh Factors could help Charlie, and I really didn't notice a big change as the months slipped by. However, almost overnight, Charlie was almost free of any signs of lesions on his skin! I am so glad I stuck with the product because Fresh Factors saved my dog from a miserable life! I started with four tablets, and then I gradually increased the dosage to nine. Once Charlie started to respond, I gradually decreased the chews back down to four per day and he is doing great! Thank you so much, and please let other people know that it may take a few months for Fresh Factors to work, but eventually it will and their dog will be grateful.

Many thanks,
Carol Spurr, Nova Scotia